The focus on slow fashion and local craftsmanship is becoming more prominent in the Australian fashion world as consumers are becoming aware of current production practices. Luxury glitter rainwear brand, S. Rush, has joined this growing movement while creating their clear waterproof classics. Handmade in the sunny but also cyclone-prone area of Broome, S. Rush hopes to bring colour and sparkle to dreary weather. The creator, Susie Rush, spoke to TEO about her internship experiences, production principles and inspirations behind the brand.

TEO: After studying millinery in Sydney, you flew to London to pursue an internship with Noel Stewart. Were there any lessons or experiences there that inspired you to create S. Rush?
There is some amazing millinery in London! With such a creative fashion scene, the street style was just as inspiring as anything I learnt in the studio. Noel’s studio was a small-scale magical place. There were always weird and wonderful things going on.

I love Noel’s creativity, subtlety and sophistication of style, which actually helped me appreciate the world of casual hats. It was a great place to learn the production, sampling, look book, tradeshow and yearly cycles. Noel’s studio gave me a benchmark for how I would like to run a small studio—something to aim for.

Do you owe your passion for luxury glitter rainwear to the dreary English weather?
London definitely helped, as did Paris when we were at fashion week. But the rain hat actually came about when I was still studying millinery. I just got back to Broome after a summer in Sydney. There had been so much rain in Broome; it was their wettest January on record. It was lush, green and frogs everywhere, reminding me of a tropical English countryside.

Is there much demand for luxury rainwear in Australia?
My clutches are the bread and butter of my label and they look good in all kinds of weather. Broome is sunny for most of the year, but almost every house in town has a boat out the front for fishing. So, a splash proof clutch is perfect to house mobile phones. It’s also worth noting that when it rains here, it’s accompanied with cyclone winds—a rain hat beats an inside-out umbrella and a glitter rain hat beats a plain one!

S. Rush creates beautiful hats, rain capes, glitter clutches and now hair accessories. Does this suggest that S. Rush may dip their toes into something beyond rainwear?
Yes, it does! We collaborated with one of our stockists last year, Eclectic Ladyland, to create a collection of ‘rainbows’ (hair bows).

I’ve just come home after spending the summer in Sydney with my little sister. I was living above her flower shop, so I’m feeling very inspired by the colour explosion that was my summer! I can’t wait to see how the flower market and botanical gardens manifest into S. Rush this year.

How important is combatting current fast-fashion trends and excessive consumerism to you?
I’m very passionate about slow fashion. Consuming less is an important part of a more sustainable future. The way we run our production is important for us to promote—small businesses and quality craftsmanship.

Personally, I’m trying to begin 2018 as a one rack woman, which means my wardrobe fits mostly into a suitcase or on one rack. It’s hard to do, but it’s wonderful to organise swap nights and save up for things that truly mean something.

S. Rush has had pop-up shops in Broome, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. Any thoughts about bringing one to Adelaide?
I haven’t been to Adelaide before but if it’s fun, creative and a bit sleepy like Broome, I’d probably love it.

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Above photos: Laura Vincens
Featuring: [Photo 1] S. Rush ‘S. Rush x Eclectic Ladyland Glitter Rainbow, Disco Mix’
[Photo 2] S. Rush ‘Floppy Hat’

Below photo: Jack Fenby
Hair and Makeup: Brooke Kastelyn
Styling: Susannah Ioannou
Model: Hannah Carter – Finesse Models
Featuring: [Photo 3] Leonard St ‘Lattice Knit Tee’ | Leonard St ‘Monolith Sparkle Dress’ | S. Rush ‘Tiger Lily Shoulder Bag’

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