There’s a new band on the bluesy rock block: The Amblers are based in the musically driven city of Johannesburg and have recently released their debut EP titled The Dustling Man. If you like The Black Keys’ southern style vocals, then you’ll love the sound of this EP: smooth, guitar driven and a smack of fuzz.

With only four songs, it’s short, sweet and leaves you wondering what else this duo is capable of. Track one ‘Sometimes’ shows off melody and is a guitar driven song with vocals that have you picturing yourself cruising down a summer highway. It leads into ‘Dustling Man,’ which definitely has more of a rock base. Addictive riffs make this track unforgettable and the drums really hold up the song, while the guitar notes crawl around the vocals. ‘Tired’ introduces some keys, adding a really beautiful note to the fuzz and blues. While ‘Keep Me Screamin’’ is nothing but smooth, smooth rock. It’s the kind of song you could hear behind an advertisement of a car rolling through sand dunes and off the beaten track—basically this song could be big, in a very unassuming way.

The Amblers have put together an incredible debut EP. It speaks of talent, musical ease and damn good melodies.

Rating: 9/10

The Dustling Man is available to stream and purchase on Deezer and iTunes.

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Photos: (Above) Alexander Wolf and (Below) Supplied