A mundane reality was never on the cards for Aurore Ounjian, whose camera is like a gumball machine, gathering colour and spitting out something sweet. Usually, Aurore is a guitarist-for-hire from Brooklyn, touring for most months of the year. When she’s not shredding on guitar, Aurore’s photography occupies her spare time, working under the name: No Allowance.

Her artistic mantra is seemingly to manipulate the mundane into the extraordinary, the wonderful; to find beauty in the routinely dull and ordinary. Aurore’s colour palette could be titled ‘Barbie’s Miami Penthouse,’ with her lens seeking out every sun-bleached pastel wall and art deco diner on her travels. Her aesthetic extends to parking garages, laundromats, highway motels and toilet stalls.

Aurore’s photography not only spans the width of America, but includes some snippets from international locations such as Portugal, Italy and Croatia, proving that no matter the routine, there is beauty in it. That no matter how ordinary it feels, life can be extraordinary—depending on the perspective you take or the lens you use.

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