Thursday night welcomed the launch of Lady Burra Brewhouse’s newly renovated deck and outdoor dining area, and energy levels were high! Lady Burra has been operating as the Adelaide CBD’s only in-house micro-brewery for three years in Topham Mall, winning national awards for their brewing craftsmanship. With a hope to maintain their popularity, they have a few exciting projects in the works: the addition of a wine bar and a rooftop bar. Noting that many local wineries don’t have their own cellar door, they intend to collaborate and feature local wineries, switching it up every month. There’s talk that this will be up-and-running within the next 4–6 weeks, with the rooftop bar set to open in September.

For now, it’s clear that the outdoor renovation will be a hit, taking after that inner-city laneway nightlife that Sydney and Melbourne have mastered. Guests enjoyed Chef Rosa’s paella—from the reworked Portuguese inspired menu—as well as complimentary drinks, with servers refilling glasses again and again and again. With earthy aromas, cherry nougat and subtle spices, the red wine was a definite house favourite. Eyes were constantly drawn to the mural-painted walls, and the conga drums and fire dancers added an exciting twist! With spirit and finesse, stage one of Lady Burra’s plans were launched. It can be guaranteed, with an equal amount of flare and charm, that Lady Burra Brewhouse will be bringing a whole lot more to the table in the very near future.

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Photo: Supplied