Since forming in 2007, Ohio natives Miss May I have released a staggering six albums. Throughout their journey, they maintained the same lineup and with that, the same desire to achieve their goals. TEO chatted with frontman Levi Benton, ahead of their first headline tour of Australia, about how they’ve pushed themselves further than ever before.

TEO: Since your debut album, Apologies Are For The Weak, every album has taken quite a leap in style and sound. In today’s make-a-quick-buck scene, how have you managed to stay innovative and true?
We have this picture of the goal we want and each record we feel we are getting closer and closer to where we want to be. We are always trying to take a bigger step. We see it as something bigger than what a lot of other people see it as—that’s what keeps us driven to change our records each time.

Shadow Inside is possibly the heaviest stuff to date, is this the “real” Miss May I?
Yeah, I feel like we’re getting closer; every time we do a new record we are peeling back layers to get closer to what we really want. This one felt like a really big layer being peeled off, that’s why it feels like we are taking steps forward with this record. A hundred steps forward. We feel something different, it’s great. It brought us some really great things and we are not even halfway through showing the world this record. It’s not just about bringing a cool record; it’s also about performing a cool show that we’ve never done for people before. This record really changes the band live, it’s not just guys showing up in a cab anymore, playing loud and fast, it brings a whole new emotion to the show—it’s great.

Are you guys bringing the metal solo back?
[Laughs] it’s going towards that. Even though we may not have had the shows that had it, doesn’t mean we are not going to try! When we write new songs, we think of fire on the stage—explosions, and all the cool stuff. That’s what we want to be, so this last record we didn’t hold back, we wanted to do something over the top and with that came solos, crazy guitar parts in the studio. It was so much fun. We’d get to a bridge and we’d go ‘what do we do? A breakdown? A heavy part? Should we try a solo?’ That’s exactly what we should do! It’s so over the top, it’s great!

What can fans expect from the forthcoming Australian shows?
We know the crowds are really crazy; Australia has the best fans, and we cannot wait! It’s one of our favourite places; we have a top three places in the world that we remember and Australia is one of them. There are heaps of songs that we haven’t played in years so the reason we are doing it is ’cause we haven’t been there since 2012, so we want to give them something from all these records—give them a special show.

Wednesday 22 November – Newcastle, The Cambridge Hotel, 18+

Thursday 23 November – Sydney, The Factory Theatre LIC AA

Friday 24 November – Melbourne, Max Watts 18+

Saturday 25 November – Adelaide, Uni Bar LIC AA

Sunday 26 November – Perth, Amplifier Bar 18+

Tickets available here or at Oztix outlets.

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