“Remember yesterday, walking hand in hand, love letters in the sand, I remember you.”

That is one of the most famous lines in Sebastian Bach’s catalogue that spans 30 years; from Skid Row’s self-titled ball-kicking debut to his most recent solo release Give ’Em Hell. Last night he returned to ‘Radelaide’ for a night of head banging at The Gov.

Kicking off the night, was local support band The Babes. With a drum kit resplendent with motorbike parts and sleaze attitude straight out of a Mötley Crüe video, they hit hard; they played hard and they slayed even harder. New singer JD even took time to whip the crowd into a room shaking version of ‘War Pigs’ that had the crowd suitably warmed up for the headline act.

Playing a Sunday in Adelaide can be a graveyard, however a packed Gov audience is testament to the enduring legacy that is Sebastian Bach. As Bach’s band appeared on stage, they started by playing the mesmerizing Jimi Hendrix classic ‘Little Wing.’ Bach arrived on stage to a rapturous applause and as he sang the first notes, it was clear this man still has pipes seldom heard in metal anymore.

The slower numbers started the show, following with ‘Breakin’ Down,’ the classic ‘18 & Life’ and of course ‘I Remember You,’ which had every audience member singing along to their lost and forlorn love.

You could tell Bach was enjoying this as he prowled the stage like a lion on speed. As ever the energetic and outspoken frontman, he had the crowd eating out of his hand as he explained that rock ‘n’ roll is meant to be fun. So let’s have fun!

The trademark mic swinging, hair twirling, head banging Bach arrived as the band blazed into a ripping ‘Slave To The Grind.’ Other heavy duty sing-along songs came in the form of ‘Big Guns’ and ‘Piece Of Me’ and the crowd grew more voracious with every drum beat, every bass lick and every guitar riff.

The crowd needed a little breather and the haunting classic ‘In A Darkened Room’ duly arrived to showcase the amazing vocal range Bach has always had, right before the re-titled (for the tour) ‘Australian Metalhead’ turned the volume all the way back up to 11.

A funky sounding beginning to ‘Monkey Business,’ complete with audience participation hand claps, crushed the senses especially with the hidden appearance of the Rush classic ‘Tom Sawyer’ nestled in between.

Then came the double whammy. ‘Youth Gone Wild’ had various members of the crowd sing the main line as the pressure and sound built to a more fervent level until the final act. An earthshaking, rabble-rousing version of ‘TNT,’ the Acca Dacca classic, left the crowd visibility exhausted, sweaty and most probably voiceless.

A truly legendary performer and frontman, a majestic and beautiful singer. Sebastian Bach, the Adelaide crowd, much like your famous lyrics, will always remember you too.

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Photos: Josh McCawley