Ardor Apparel was born from the desire to design lifestyle wear inspired by those who are passionate and enthusiastic about their lifestyle. Focusing on skate, surf and snow culture, their apparel is produced to the highest quality; every Ardor Apparel garment is hand-printed locally in Brisbane, ensuring all their apparel is made with the utmost care and precision. The brand’s aesthetic encompasses minimalistic designs with a neutral colour scheme. TEO spoke to one half of Ardor, Peter Mot to gain an insight into the inspiration behind the brand and their production techniques.

TEO: Who is behind Ardor Apparel?
Ardor is a project developed by John Beaver and me. We are both designers currently based in Brisbane. I’ve worked in graphic design for 12 years and after successfully helping other organisations to produce street wear, I decided to launch my own venture. Our work incorporates sublimation and DTG printing techniques that I observed in Canada.

When was Ardor established?
November 2014.

The brand is driven by passion and enthusiasm, which is the definition of the word ‘ardor.’ Who do you think embodies the Ardor culture? How would you describe the typical Ardor wearer?
No one individual specifically, although we do consider our collections to consist of pieces we too would wear ourselves. We aim for Ardor to be a lifestyle brand with hints of skate and ski culture to appeal to a wide demographic. Our pieces are spread out, and not released consistently, often depending on what we are inspired by.

Your garments are all hand-printed in Brisbane. Can you tell us about this process?
All our pieces require a cut and sew element, which is outsourced internationally. We endure a rigorous sample process from our manufacturers to ensure maximum quality for customers. We then use a DTG printer or screen printing methods, depending on the complexity and colours of each design. Each product is hand-printed to order, which has enabled us to gain an insightful understanding of garment production.

We have an embroidery machine that we are in the process of experimenting with. Stay tuned.

What can we expect from your spring collection?
All we’ll say is that our new collection features many cut and sew components, hence the long manufacturing time. We are hoping it will be released soon!

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Images featured in this post are from Ardor Apparel’s upcoming spring collection.

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