Multidisciplinary and multitalented, Madeleine Eivali is a designer, photographer, stylist and artist. Her startup fashion label notafashion-statement (nafs) is inspired by her love of Alexander McQueen and Melbourne street artists. Her personal artistic work can be described as abstract surrealism; Madeleine is a strong believer in the projection of one’s feelings and expression through colour and hand movement. Her work communicates her inner desires, fears, strengths and weaknesses and TEO wanted to know a little more.

TEO: What is your background as a designer?
I started tailoring my own clothes in my early teens, which led to designing my own outfits. I have been experimenting with art for as long as I can remember. I am currently studying a double degree in Architecture and Interior Design, which I have found has assisted me to explore many concepts, such as form, lighting, materiality and texture within my own designs. This is displayed in my portfolio that has been selected by a lecturer from the University of South Australia to be published in a Visual Arts volume.

What inspires the designs of nafs?
For my clothing collection I am mostly inspired by alternative and high fashion publications, as well as what is currently trending. To pay homage to one of my favourite designers, Alexander McQueen, I like to focus on the fine details of garments, such as the treading and beading of designs. I am also heavily inspired by street artists in Melbourne. I try to channel the girt and substance of their work because people want substance. I feel that substance aligns with honesty, and consumers don’t want items that are perceived to be insincere.

How would you describe the wearer of nafs?
She has her own personal view of design and not everything needs to be clean cut and perfect. She makes her own rules. The nafs girl wants to express her emotional journey through the colour and detailing of her outfit.

Your pieces seem very versatile, do you have a specific outfit in mind when you design or do you experiment with styling?
My design process consists of experimentation involving artwork as well as alternative music, which has a great impact on my mood, further affecting my designs. I try to incorporate my thoughts and designs that have impacted me personally.

Your photography style is very unique, what vibe do you aim for when portraying your products?
I aim to portray an authentic form of design that evokes emotional depth. I aim to create inspiration and evoke any ideas. This provides me with great shock waves of happiness and pleasure as an artist.

What other artistic disciplines do you explore?
I explore visual art, vignettes, spray paint, illusion, and technical and narrative developments by Georges Meiles. I am heavily inspired by Andy Warhol’s Pop Art. I admire regular monotone images, but also the multi-tasking of mixed media, spiritual imagery.

How would you describe the style of your artwork?
Abstract surrealism. I believe in the projection of one’s feelings and expression through colour and hand movement. I strongly think it’s a way of communicating one’s inner desires, fears, strengths and weaknesses.

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