Hardcore fans of Australia, we apologise in advance for that raging headache you’ll have after head banging to these guys. Hardcore Sydney band, Relentless, are set to release their latest record this month. Titled Price of Pain, it’s gritty, explosive and in your face. It’s about standing up for all the people who’ve ever been kicked down. We talk to Relentless’ vocalist, Trent and get to know the band a bit better.


TEO: Who makes up Relentless and how did you discover your sound?
Trent: Relentless is a five piece hardcore band from Sydney. We all met going to local shows and seeing other bands, then we came together and started jamming. We wanted something fast, angry and bouncy with a metallic touch to it.

The members and their positions are:
Owen – Guitarist
Trent – Vocalist
Dennis – Guitarist
Dean – Drummer
Kane – Bassist

Your music is best listened to while…
In the squat rack lifting the heavy heavy.

What has been your most memorable tour?
For me it would have to be the first time we toured America. We played two of the most prestigious American hardcore festivals and drove all over the states, sightseeing and eating all the fatty take away foods at every city we stopped at.

What are three things you’ve learnt while touring?
Packing less is more, you will break at some stage, and showers are a privilege.

What or who inspires you to create music?
The world around me, past experience and adversities I have been through in life, and problems in society that I feel need to be addressed.


How are you going to celebrate the release of your album?
To be completely honest, I never thought about it. It’ll be a Friday night and we would’ve just got back from tour earlier in the week so I might just lay low with the missus and hide away. I get nervous on the day of release cause it’s the day that people worldwide will either love or hate what we have spent the last year and a bit creating.

Words: Ebony Story
Photos: Supplied