It’s been a while since The Getaway Plan toured Australia, and on Friday night in Adelaide it was clear they had been sorely missed. The band played two sets including their critically acclaimed debut album Other Voices, Other Rooms, and it was a reunion to be remembered.

Kicking it off was Melbourne band Harbours, and it might have taken them a while to warm up but it was worth it. With clear vocals and melodies, their sound was a swirl of punk, rock and a little bit of old school emo. Their last song was an absolute monster—an eyebrow raiser—that had heads nodding to the unexpected hardcore turn. Harbours went out with throaty screams and fiery riffs, and it left the audience wishing their entire set was that powerful.

The Getaway Plan strode on and opened with ‘The Reckoning’—the crowd rushing in before Matthew Wright even opened his mouth to sing. Their first set was a scattering of songs from their other two albums, including ‘Move Along’, ‘Dark Horses’ and an oldie from way back in the day called ‘Opaque.’ They even whipped out a Fleetwood Mac cover of ‘Dreams’ and it was perfect. The songs were emotional and powerful, and it was pure and simple happiness that you could feel from everyone in the crowd—an accepting atmosphere that allowed you to express yourself however you needed.

Wright’s ability to connect with a crowd without any apparent effort is impressive, as is his voice. He can croon a song, flip back his hair and then belt it out, all without missing a note. And after a short break, their second set was even more special. There is a reason their debut album Other Voices, Other Rooms is critically acclaimed, and The Getaway Plan proved it over and over. ‘Sleep Spindles’ and ‘Streetlight’ were of course favourites, as was ‘Shadows,’ which Wright introduced as the first song they wrote as a band. The crowd sang along to every song with fists in the air, while the band sweated out their music.

Every song on that album is ear catching. Despite it being released 10 years ago, you can see how the band has grown and so too have the songs. This album will never get old as long as The Getaway Plan keep playing it; they bring a certain life to those songs that you can’t experience through a CD or record.

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Photo: Josh McCawley