Adelaide’s own Aidan Cibich is a very talented man. So talented in fact that his debut album Under A Godless Moon, by his project Apophis, is written, performed, mixed, produced and mastered by the man himself. But he’s got another talent up his sleeve.

It’s taken two years but Aidan’s instrumental melodic death metal creation is finally ready. As with all instrumentals, there is a story being told, but with no lyrics just what story is that?

The opening track ‘Chaos Under Cimmerians Skies’ sets the tone just beautifully, slowly building the anticipation of what’s to come; it’s drums, it’s guitars, but most importantly it’s atmosphere. The next couple of tracks are the beginning of a journey. ‘Cyclopean Rage,’ with its foot tapping and head nodding riffs, as well as ‘Monarchs Throne’ suggests there is a story of great drama ahead.

‘The Kinslayer’ paints a picture of a great warrior battling demons, probably in some Nordic mountain range. This track pulls on the heartstrings as the melodies suggest the aforementioned warrior is coming to terms with a loss or betrayal, while standing alone in the rain.

The album isn’t all loud melodic dualling guitars and drums though, ‘Ad Absolutum Finem’ is reminiscent of a slow bluesy number, almost like the sound of a siren calling sailors to shore and most certain death, such is the beautiful serenade of the song. ‘Watchtowers Of Anubis’ is another song that slowly and surely delves deep into your subconscious, almost like you’re drifting away before the drums signal the guitars, along with your senses, to come crashing back in.

All this though naturally leads to the dramatic climax of the last song and title track itself ‘Under A Godless Moon.’ Coming in a little over eight minutes, the extraordinary guitar work, changes in rhythm and the ever intense build up, keeps the imagination alive with what the warrior was up to now. In this interpretation, the warrior had won the battle, beaten his demons, while at the same time surveyed the wreckage around him.

The most amazing thing about this album is that Aidan’s music tells such an intricate story. Each person to listen will be told a different story entirely. That’s the beauty of Aidan’s album—that’s Aidan’s other talent by the way: he can tell a story without using words.

Rating: 8/10

Under A Godless Moon is out now. Stream or download here.

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Photo: Death In Vogue