Zero is Adelaide’s latest band on the block and their EP Waiting For No-One is one damn powerful introduction. The studio project is a partnership between Matt Mitris (guitar) and Chris Gard (vocals), and the end result is a match made in metal heaven. Zero have created an EP with depth, variety and killer riffs.

Produced by Reid Jones, who has also worked with Colibrium on their album In Balance, listeners are given five songs that all demonstrate what these musicians are capable of. You can expect creative guitar melodies, insanely good vocals and songs that take you on a journey. ‘Burn The Page’ is rapid and commanding with relentless guitars, and it becomes very clear that vocalist Chris Gard has the range that most would kill for—think Axl Rose (Guns ‘N Roses) or Corey Taylor (Slipknot). It’s the kind of voice that can swing from forceful and gruff to a sweeter tone, which somehow sounds like he’s on the cusp of belting it out. Compare ‘Burn The Page’ to the track ‘Take Some Time’ to really hear some diversity.

‘Insane’ is thrashy and yet not as fast paced as you’d expect. The melody rolls along, and it’s a finely crafted song with some classic riffs that are both technical and exciting. ‘The Crash’ is where Zero take a darker turn with deep, distorted vocals and a heavy melody to match. Then we get to ‘Watchmaker.’ This song is probably the most epic on the EP. It’s a lyrical story built upon a solid base of drumming, elaborated by guitar and brought to life with soaring vocals.

This is a fierce EP that shows off great creativity and talent. Waiting For No-One is the EP you didn’t know you were waiting for all year. It definitely won’t disappoint.

Rating: 9 outta 10 devil horns.

Waiting For No-One is due for release on Monday, 30th October.

You can pre-order Waiting For No-One here.

Watch Matt and Chris discuss the story behind ‘Burn The Page’ here.

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