Homegrown pop-punk heroes The Getaway Plan made a triumphant return to Sydney, along with fellow Melbournites Harbours. With the 10-year anniversary of The Getaway Plan’s debut album Other Voices, Other Rooms fast approaching, the band has made pleasing their first fans a top priority. After blasting through a relatively short set of other favourites, they transported everyone back to the late 2000s with the main event of the night: Other Voices, Other Rooms performed in its entirety.

Melbourne act Harbours kicked the night off. Boasting a similar emo-rock style, with some seemingly ’70s rock inspired touches, Harbours delivered an amicable set. Their performance had some rough edges, and a touch less self-deprecation between songs would have been appreciated, but the band managed to get away with it through their earnest and inviting energy. Every single word that exited frontman Tory Robertson’s mouth carried with it a belief that what was being said had real impact, and Robertson’s speech about depression and the importance of seeking help did too.

After a short interval, The Getaway Plan marched the stage. The band’s sense of purpose was immediately apparent as they teared through some newer fan-favourites, rounded out by an excellent cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams.’ Though still a great performance, this first set paled in comparison with what was to come. The band seemed to know why everyone was there, and only a few lines into second set opener ‘Streetlight,’ the crowd let loose.

What followed was an equal energy performance by both band and audience. You could sense the lasting impact of the band’s first ever album as the crowd belted out every line to every song loud enough that you could almost feel the words moving across your skin. And when hit singles ‘Where The City Meets The Sea’ and ‘Shadows’ came barreling out of the speakers, the crowd was electric.

Harbours set the proper tone with the earnestness and sincerity for The Getaway Plan to provide some excellent nostalgia fuel. Their first set laid the groundwork for that second set, and as far as both the band and audience were concerned, it was ’08 again.

Catch The Getaway Plan on Friday the 22nd of September at The Gov, Adelaide.

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