There’s nothing like A-line skirts and shift dresses in block colours and retro patterns to take you back—I mean way back to the ’60s and ’70s. Adelaide label Closet Mod is doing just that, bringing a touch of groovy to any outfit.

Closet Mod is the love child of Jordan Bishop, whose passion for Mod culture prompted her to start designing her own brand of funky threads. TEO sat down with Jordan, a few months back, to discuss her collaboration with an equally far-out gal, Chloe Miller.

TEO: How did Closet Mod first come about?
Jordan: I had finished studying Costume for Film at AC Arts [in Adelaide]. I had always been drawn to the era of the ’60s, but after studying the fashion further I became obsessed. I started making ’60s style dresses for myself, and then decided to take it a bit further; I started doing markets. However, most of my customers have, surprisingly, come from overseas. So, my online store as well as Instagram have been perfect for reaching them.

We hear you’re working with Adelaide creative, Chloe Miller. What’s her involvement in the collaboration?
Chloe’s a graphic designer and she’s designed some prints for Closet Mod, she’s drawn them up on her computer and we’ve had them printed onto material, which I’ll be making into dresses, skirts and pants.

She’s also a photographer so she’s going to be shooting the new line too—it’s a very together collaboration it’s all tied in nicely.

How did this collaboration come about and what drew you to start working with Chloe?
I just sent her a message! We’ve been friends for a while; she used to come into my shop and loved the style, so we stayed in touch. I sent her a message saying would you be interested in doing a collaboration and she said “yes, definitely.” As soon as I had the thought to collaborate with someone I thought, Chloe’s the person to do it with.

If Closet Mod was an emoji, what would it be?
The Sunflower emoji, I seem to use it all the time in my captions on social media.

Give me one word that describes this collaboration with Chloe Miller.
I definitely want it to be a very ‘mod’ word. I’m going with ‘happening.’

If a song could describe Closet Mod, what would it be?
It’s a toss-up between two. I’d say ‘The Look of Love’ by Burt Bacharach or ‘Love Her Madly’ by The Doors.

If you could dress the cast of any TV show, which would you choose?
The original ’70s Charlie’s Angels, no question.

If you had to make a statement with any piece of Closet Mod clothing, which would you choose?
The new flared pants I’m making from the Chloe Miller design.

If Closet Mod was an ice cream flavour, what would it be?
Lemon, like the sunflower emoji—I just seem to like yellow.

Which ’60s Mod icon would you have loved to dress?
Definitely Jane Birkin. I scroll through photos of her on Pinterest all the time.

If Closet Mod was a drink what would it be?
A nice glass of red wine.

Closet Mod’s collaborative collection with Chloe Miller will be released on Saturday 24th March.

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Photos: Chloe Jade Miller
Hair and Makeup: Bec Buratto
Styling: Jordan Bishop
Model: Alex Pratt

*This content is sponsored by Closet Mod