2017 has been a pretty epic year for experimental pop-punk outfit Rackett, and they’re on the cusp of releasing their debut EP Ready or Not. These ladies are constantly performing and developing their adventurous live shows, and already winning fans left, right and centre. TEO gave Bec (vocals/guitar) a call to chat about their latest single ‘Prey,’ why they took a more playful approach to this song and what they learn about themselves every time they perform.

TEO: You’ve just released your third single ‘Prey’ from your debut EP, Ready or Not.  It sounds very sweet and a little more playful than your previous singles. Can you tell us about the song?
The song, lyrically, was inspired by a book I read about unique animals and their place in the food chain, and the relationship between victim and predator. And I was going through something at the time where I felt victimised by somebody so I, metaphorically, joined the two together. I originally wrote it on an acoustic guitar, then I took it to my producer Dave Hammer who just transformed it into this sonic adventure through all these different landscapes. It’s a fantasy because it’s about really unique animals you wouldn’t know exist.

It’s a bit different from your noisy pop-punk sound. Why write this type of song?
Yeah, it was because of the lyrics, but also we’re a fresh band so people have only heard a little bit of our stuff. We put out what we thought would be our general vibe, but we’re a really diverse band and we have so many different styles and genres all mixed into one. So we’re just trying to introduce that flexibility to our fans and show them, yes, we play rock music and punk but we also have a collection of country and jazz that we hope people will also like.

The music video for ‘Prey’ is so quirky and retro! Who was the genius that brought this idea to the table?
Well! I gave a director, who is a very well-known French pop commercial director, a brief of ‘let’s make something about the ultimate predator,’ so she took that concept and we explored a few different ideas. Ultimately it was her idea that landed and she just took care of everything. That’s me with the blonde hair in the video and we had an actress play a housewife; it was an amazing experience. It was shot in a studio in Sydney and the final scene where you see my head on a platter, they actually built a table around me. I sat there and they built it and screwed it in around me. So, I was in there for two hours but apart from that it was super easy.

You’ve had a fair go of it this year, supporting The Darkness and playing at quite a few festivals (Secret Garden Festival, The Blurst of Times, Mountain Sounds, Electric Lady). Was there anything you learned about yourselves through these gigs?
Oh, totally. Every time we played a show I learned something about myself and, usually, it was that I needed to practice more. That might not be apparent to a blind eye but playing guitar is not my first and foremost instrument—I started on the drums. I only learned guitar for Rackett, so I’m still in the beginner/intermediate stages of that craft. And the other thing I bring from it is pushing myself further and further to engage with people; look at people and interact with them. It’s very confronting being on stage and having to lead that interaction. It’s hard to look people in the eyes! But it’s been a great personal development.

What was it like opening for The Darkness?
They are so cool, and their fans are loyal to them. By the third show, we won them over but initially they were very hesitant, very guarded Darkness fans. Looking people in the eyes, making that interaction memorable was a real challenge and I think we excelled as a band just from those shows.

Have you got anything special lined up for your EP tour?
Yes, we’ve got two launches and they’re always special. It’s a surprise for our audience and a real celebration, so there will be weird shit. After that we’re heading out on a regional tour with Killing Heidi, so that’s going to be great too because I’m from Bundaberg at heart and I am a bit rough around the edges. We’ll be heading out to Ipswich, which is pretty rough, so that’s perfect; it’s going to really bring back the bogan in me.

We cannot wait for your Ready or Not EP to drop. Can you describe it in three words?
Gosh, three words! Clean but messy, or maybe even: tidy but unclean.

Watch the video for ‘Prey’ here.

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