Receiving a musical instrument during a rough time has to be the best way to bring a smile to your face, and that’s exactly what Guitar Amnesty aim to do. The program is run by The Guitar Academy in Adelaide and donates musical instruments to charities.

Owner of the Guitar Academy Cal Williams Jr. wants the people who donate guitars to see the good they’re doing. “How it works is we get the guitar and if the previous owner wants to leave their details we get their details—otherwise it is anonymous—and…if they want, the charity can contact them to let them know where the guitar ended up. I think it is always good to find out where they actually go. And, you know, they go quite far!”

Guitar Amnesty donates to a new charity every year. Last year they donated seven guitars and an amp to MIFSA to help with their music program. “This year we are doing Hutt Street Centre as they have a music program as well,” Cal says. “We also have a fundraiser at the Grace Emily called the Big Beanie Bash, which is raising money for homeless people as well—it’s like a benefit concert, so we are going to use it as a way to hand the instruments over.”

And while donating is a rewarding process, Cal says there are some stories that stay with you. “It was coming up to Christmas and the daughter hadn’t had a Christmas present in something like 13 years. We heard she wanted to learn the guitar so we sent one to the charity along with some free books and guitar lessons, and the mother gave that to her daughter for Christmas.”

Cal says giving back is an important part of social responsibility. “It is just lovely to do. I think it is what music is for, it’s why we do what we do…”

To donate, please visit The Guitar Academy, 124 Gilbert St, Adelaide, or get in contact with Guitar Amnesty here.

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Big Beanie Bash
Sunday 30th of July, 4.00pm
Grace Emily, 232 Waymouth St, Adelaide SA
All donations are going to the Hutt St Centre.

Photo: Supplied

[Pictured: Cal Williams Jr. with Scooby (his Kombi) and others making a donation to MIFSA in 2016]