Having only formed in 2012, fledgling Adelaidian band, Free From Burden is looking to make their mark in the music community. Their debut music video features ‘Bats & Butterflies,’ the track described by frontman Conor Deery as the “standout” of their 2016 EP A Tale of Bats and Butterflies.

The song begins quite mellow, accompanied by Conor’s moaning vocals, which transitions into a screeching instrumental track. Much like the title, ‘Bats & Butterflies’ is a combination of dark and light; a battle between the spiders and the flashes of joy the spiders try to eat. Their sound is much like this too; a flicker of pop sounds entangling with alternative rock ‘n’ roll. When the instruments are doing the talking, the message pretty much depends on the ear of the beholder. “It’s just interesting to me that someone would look at it that way,” Conor revealed, who was surprised with the video’s angry and sometimes violent interpretation. Conor in his latest interview with TEO stated that he “loved” people’s varying interpretations of the music, which is probably a good thing for the young band building a fan base.

You can find FFB playing alongside the likes of Baba Ganoosh, Celestite, Ezra Hope and Jettison at various Adelaide hotspots such as the Enigma Bar, The Crown and Sceptre, and Minnesota Fats. The release of the ‘Bats and Butterflies’ music video will hopefully mark the next step for these boys in the Australian music scene.

View the video for Free From Burden’s ‘Bats & Butterflies’ here.

Special mention to the film crew: Maya Coombs, James Khou, Brody King, Jason Yablon and Tom Brown.

Read our interview with Conor Deery here.

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