Local SA band Free From Burden is running on a high after releasing their first EP. Conor Deery (lead vocals/guitar), Josh Jackson-Drewett (bass) and Sebastian Morrison (lead guitar) released A Tale of Bats and Butterflies late last year, and are about to debut their first music video. The EP is layered with soft piano sounds, with sporadic sightings of synth, some twangy guitar riffs and a darker mixture of drums and vocals to juxtapose the light stuff. FFB’s frontman Conor caught up with us to talk about the surprising turn the video took, the curiosities of musical interpretation and future projects for the band.

TEO: What’s the reason for choosing ‘Bats & Butterflies’ for your debut music video over the other songs on the EP?
We thought it was the most interesting on the EP—the standout and the most fun to play. It’s just a bit darker.

What was the recording process like?
We gave it to the people*, they listened to the song, and they interpreted it in their own way. And we thought that that was really interesting! We discussed the themes we liked, but then we were happy for them to interpret it in their own way. And a month later, it was done!

There appears to be an inner battle or struggle in the video. Without revealing too much, what was this trying to communicate? Love gone wrong?
I think that’s how they interpreted the lyrics, and that was interesting to me. It’s not how I would’ve imagined the video to have gone. There’s a part with the big screeching guitars, and that’s not how I feel when I play that! That’s a totally juxtaposed feeling for me. I don’t feel that anger or violence when I play that part; I feel overjoyed when I play that part! But that’s fine, I love that; I love how people can see it in different ways.

So do you feel like the video was an inaccurate portrayal?
It’s not that it doesn’t accurately portray it, it’s just not what I imagined—but we were happy to let people do what they want with it. I’m still amazed. It’s just interesting to me that someone would look at it that way. I love people’s interpretations of music.

What’s the next step for you guys after the video’s release?
We’re looking to write an album! We’re going to write 15 tracks, then we’re going to record all of them, then they can choose which ones will make it on the album. That’s the long term goal! So we’re just going to keep on playing local shows and hopefully go on tour.

Catch Free From Burden supporting Colour Machine at the Crown and Anchor this Wednesday, 21st of March. You can find more details and RSVP here.

The video for ‘Bats & Butterflies’ will premiere on TEO this Thursday 22nd of June.

*The ‘people’ from the film crew include Maya Coombs, James Khou, Brody King, Jason Yablon and Tom Brown.

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