Ever since their re-emergence from the band’s hiatus, Superheist has been hitting the Australian metal scene with a vengeance. Releasing their drought breaking album Ghosts of the Social Dead in 2016, the band seems to have disengaged the off button. With founding member DW Norton and new singer Ezekiel Ox cranking out the tunes, the evening of nu metal riffing was not only a fresh slice of music, but also a nostalgic look back at what the band has achieved.

The evening at Adelaide’s Fowlers kicked off with a triple dose of local talent. With Terminal Zero, Suffer the Evenue, and Born of Dust each taking the stage successively, the tone of the night was set, heavy and loud. With many revellers still arriving through the doors, each band attacked the stage as if it were packed to the rafters. The punters didn’t mind their beers rattling around one bit as each band pummelled their way through their sets. Power laden riffs were delivered and met with moshing joy by the crowd. The fans also began to react more enthusiastically as the night, and beers ploughed on.

Dreadnaught took the stage by the scruff and entered into a relentless metal deathroll. The double-kicking was plenty and the licks tasty, these boys delivered a set that stoked the fires of Hell itself! The bodies flew and the heads banged, Fowlers was beginning to resemble the impending Hell to come.

Frankenbok entered the fray amidst a sea of eager metalheads. They came from the faraway land of Melbourne and made sure their trip was worth it. From full-pelt piston drums to breakdowns akin to a nine on the Mel Gibson scale, these boys made the stage their own.

By the time Superheist took the stage, whoever thought that they’d been ready for the raising of Hell got a rough kick to the guts. These boys were heavy. Got the bounce? You bet! It was like getting hit in the face with a brick, then being cushioned with a tasty chorus and thought provoking message. Their set, while containing the triple threat Raise Hell EP, was like a ‘greatest hits’ for the band. Playing favourites like ‘Bullet’, ‘Karma’ and ‘Two Faced’, the band even treated the crowd to a track from their debut ’93 EP Apocalypse (which guest featured Jason North of Truth Corroded on vocals). The finishers of ‘Pulse’ and ‘Raise Hell’ though truly tore down Fowlers, more than half of the crowd I’m sure checked in at the RAH emergency room with symptoms of severe bangovers.

While the night could be said to have been a look back at the Australian nu metal scene, the music itself was a driving force going forward. Every band was tight, every punter was keen, and most importantly, Hell was raised in a cement room and no one escaped.

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Photos: Josh McCawley