Adelaide Hills band Indiago has a reputation for putting on great live shows and delivering melodies that rock. The guys had a quiet start to the year, but have emerged into the spotlight recently with their new single ‘Loose Change.’ The four-piece band is William “Will” Solomon (vocals/guitar), James Fishers (guitar), Harry Townsend (bass/vocals) and Shane Cox (drums). With this new track they’ve tweaked their sound to be a little heavier, and a lot more exciting.

TEO caught up with Will to see where the band is at after the release of ‘Loose Change,’ and to chat about their new lineup as well as how they’re gearing up for what’s next.

TEO: You’ve recently released a new single ‘Loose Change’ how have fans reacted?
Really good! It was a different sort of single for us, but we recorded everything here in the hills so it was a more relaxed way of doing things, which was cool—I think it shows on the track. It’s a lot more rough and ready, and rock ‘n’ roll—more so than our EP. But it’s been really well received which is great.

Tell us about the year you’ve had so far that led to this song?
Our lineup changed around a bit. Our bassist left and there was a bit of a hole in the band so we had to change things up a bit, which basically meant me playing more guitar rather than 50/50, and Harry switching to bass. It was a lot of work to get everything right and getting our live sound back to what we wanted it to be. Obviously some things change but I think the song is a big representation of the change we went through and how we’re feeling about it now—which is pretty excited.

You said you’ve used some different recording methods. How did you go about it?
We recorded in a different studio than before with a guy called Matt Cooper, in Aldgate. So, it was good to be local and have flexibility with going in and out of the studio and taking our time with things. We laid tracks a little differently to what we usually would, there were a few times where group vocals were done in a different room to get a different vibe, stuff like that. Little things that we hadn’t tried before.

Are you looking to play more gigs and get back out on the Adelaide circuit?
Absolutely! We’d started to for a bit and then we had time off to get another track together. The next few months are filled with some bigger gigs that we have booked into the calendar. We haven’t been interstate since our tour with The Vans, and we’re looking at that to be on the cards by the end of the year with this single ‘Loose Change’ and the other one we’re hoping to release soon.

What is your most memorable show to date?
I would have to say our Old Mill shows are the most memorable. The fact that we can play in our own backyard in the hills—it’s always our biggest crowd—and that people are there solely to support us and support music in the hills is the best. Probably at our show just gone we had the biggest turn out yet, they reckon there was probably around 550 people and that’s with only bands from the Adelaide Hills headlining—which is pretty crazy!

For us, it’s a really big thing to be proud of playing in the hills and Adelaide. It’s all the sweeter taking steps towards making everything happen as a band. You have that extra bit of proudness that you have had to work a bit harder than all those Melbourne bands.

Where would you like to see Indiago by the end of the year?
Hopefully another two singles released, or even an EP released, and we’ll be hitting the road! Melbourne, Sydney and everywhere in between. We’ll be working pretty hard.

Watch the video for ‘Loose Change’ here.

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Photos: Ben Wilson