Melbourne progressive metal five-piece Figures will follow their self-titled EP with five brand new songs on their sophomore EP Chronos, set to come out on the 16th of June.

Their single ‘Recoil’ has already been gifted to fans accompanied by a music video dedicated to friend and fan “Slick” Mick Mills, who was taken too young by Lymphoma at just 27. The song, like the rest of the EP, is aurally elemental of both old-school metal and the villainous sound of contemporary hardcore.

All five songs are comprised of a predominantly strong instrumental drive to a fairly consistent tempo but it wouldn’t be accurate to say every song sounds the same. Each one has its own feel that should tickle the fancy of every metal fan, ranging from heavy bass and upbeat tunes to the darker enchanted sound of typical prog-metal.

There are a couple of moments throughout the EP that feel rushed or underdeveloped; coming through in moments of clashing sounds and iffy harmonies during songs like ‘Point of Doubt.’ However, frontman Mark Tronson demonstrates good control and stamina in most vocals and screams that emulate hints of other hardcore frontmen like BMTH’s Oliver Sykes and Asking Alexandria’s Danny Worsnop.

‘Crying Door’ is a tune to look out for. The group experiments with a large range of tones and sounds in vocal and instrumental areas that sound Evanescence-esque with the addition of a piano.

Figures is set to tour Australia during the second half of this year. You can pre-order their new EP here.

Rating: 6/10

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