Neon Tetra are delivering some exciting music at the moment, and to celebrate their new single ‘Reflections’ they brought together a few bands and put on a show at Adelaide’s Ancient World on the 3rd of June. Ancient World, if you haven’t been there before, is a sneaky little joint hidden down an alley and around a corner. But once you find it, it’s an oasis of art in all forms.

Through the beer garden, past the DJ and downstairs into the basement bar there’s a stage at the end of a bricked tunnel, which featured Jase of Burnside Mums playing an acoustic set and warming up the stage. He was casual; his setlist on a sticky note and strumming through some covers.

The Vandelays were up next with a fun-loving air and high energy set. Their brand of garage/skate/surf punk was super inclusive and really amped up the crowd. Shirts came off midway through their set—no one was complaining.

Unfortunately, It’s a Hoax had some technical issues, but still delivered a sweet set. The band featured angelic vocals and guitar melodies that had a Sleepmakeswaves feel, with the plucking and weaving of two guitars. The spoken word in their songs was powerful with an innocent touch, and the room slowly filled up as Kiah Lanagan’s vocals floated through the crowd.

The stars of the night, Neon Tetra, had a projector on the wall with abstract visuals flowing over the brick, and as they set up their numerous instruments the room packed out. They played their latest single ‘Reflections’ where the saxophone added a note of smoothness, and the bongo player (who wore a beret and shady sunnies) brought the cool. Neon Tetra produced such an innovative sound that the dynamic drumming and space-like synths encouraged some very interpretive dancing in the crowd. Pair that with the dreamy vocals of Josh Allen and you’ve got yourself some groovy psych rock. And to top off a tight set, they even whipped out a cover of Bon Iver’s song ‘Perth’, which was just magical.

Neon Tetra’s ‘Reflections’ single launch was everything you could’ve hoped for; great bands, friendly people in an arty space, and good vibes paired with a few coldies.

View the video for Neon Tetra’s ‘Reflections’ here.

Friday 21.07 – The Captain Cook Hotel (Sydney)
w/Mesmeriser (Sydney) and Wawawow (Sydney)

Sunday 30.07 – The Evelyn Hotel (Melbourne)
w/The Empty Threats and blyolk (Melbourne)

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