Steven Cybulka is a man on fire. A former tradie turned Visual Arts graduate, his work is steadily gaining recognition all over Australia. He generally works in environments outside of the traditional gallery setting and each installation is unique to the space in which it was created. His most recent installation at Adelaide’s Ergo Apartments is his largest to date, consisting of three large sculptures weighing in at one tonne each. Using predominately abstract, geometric shapes he explores how transformations of space and manipulations of form can affect emotional states, inviting engagement from the viewer. Having also recently completed an installation at Splendour as a member of artist Tom Borgas’ team and an artist residency in northern Sumatra, we were keen to sit down with Steven and ask him our usual set of thought provoking questions.


What would your work be if…

If it was a Music Video?

Future Shapes ‘You’ll Never Believe What’s Under All Of These Bananas’

and sometimes,

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds ‘Higgs Boson Blues’

But mostly both.

If it was a Movie?
All This Mayhem

If it was an Emoji?
Triangle , circle , square

If it was a Food?
Coopers Sparklng Ale

If it was a Place?

If it was a time of day?
The witching hour

If it was a Smell?
Bridges Burning

If it was a Quote?
“Do you want to know how to write a song? Songwriting is about counterpoint. Counterpoint is the key. Putting two disparate images beside each other and seeing which way the sparks fly. Like letting a small child in the same room as, I don’t know, a Mongolian psychopath or something, and just sitting back and seeing what happens.

Then you send in a clown, say, on a tricycle and again you wait and you watch.

And if that doesn’t do it, you shoot the clown.” ― Nick Cave

If it was a Celebrity?
Sometimes Henry Rollins and sometimes Derek Zoolander. But mostly both.

Words: Greta Gramazio
Photo: Supplied