Radelaide Radix boys are leaving their sleepy hometown and venturing out for the first time ever. Their original, passionate and hilarious style of rock ‘n’ roll will hit the road to grace the ears of Melbournians—all to launch their brand new kicking EP Try To Understand.

With the help of the Bond Street Vandals, 180 Proof, and Lace and Whisky, the band will be hitting up Brunswick East’s Whole Lotta Love on Saturday the 6th of May. Radix will take to the stage at 10.30, treating listeners to their entire EP and more—the venue will be rocking until the early hours of the morning.

But that’s not the only exciting news for the band. Radix are also celebrating the release of their new music video for ‘Sit Down Dr. Cider’. Filmed and edited by Scott Parslow, it depicts a doctor that goes around killing people. Guitarist Tom said the band had a great time filming it, “we wanted it to be a fun video clip that people could enjoy watching but we also wanted it to capture the life of our live shows. Make sure you watch to the end though—there’s a surprise turn of events!”

It’s been a hectic few months for the band since they first started lighting up the live scene in Adelaide. After a landslide win at Keep It Real’s Band Competition in 2016 (with a song so original it’s yet to be named), they’ve been getting noticed. Their humour, energy and originality means a great live performance—witty banter included.

The EP launch kicks off in Melbourne on Saturday 6th of May. There will be dancing, rocking and banter from 8.30pm onwards at Whole Lotta Love with a $5 entry. Check the event on Facebook here.

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Photo: Benon Koebsch