Leonard St founder and designer Amanda McCarthy is well known for her unique and nostalgic designs, which are often inspired by children’s books. TEO was lucky enough to catch up with her to talk about what inspired her during the design process for the Autumn/Winter collection, as well as how Leonard St first came about.

Leonard St is quirky, bright and eclectic, and its latest collection is no different. Featuring an array of textures and fabrics, Amanda’s particular favourites are the blush velvet and the romantically designed ‘birds in flight’ pattern. The other bold print of the collection is the ‘cats and dogs’, inspired by the growing trend for young adults to get tattoos of their pets. With a light-hearted, playful approach to design, Amanda emphasises the importance of self-expression, freedom and individuality in the fashion world.

After living in London for a while, Amanda gained considerable experience in film wardrobe departments and styling. But when it came to finding a job in Australia, it was tough. “I ended up going for heaps of interviews and thinking I wanted to do my own thing,” Amanda says. London was a huge influence when it came to the branding, “[Leonard St] is actually named after the street I lived on in London” Amanda says, “I wanted to call it ‘Leonard’ but the name was already taken!” Leonard St’s entry into the fashion industry has certainly made an impact, attracting the likes of Katy Perry, Florence Welch from Florence and The Machine, as well as cooking personality Poh Ling Yeow.

To see more of Amanda’s designs, check out the Adelaide store on Ebenezer Place or one of the many locations in Melbourne. For those of you out of the country, Amanda’s designs are available in the UK and the US via Anthropologie stores and online.

Adelaide Store
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Adelaide, SA

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