Melbourne lads Copia have been bouncing back and forth between the land of Aus and Europe over the past couple of years, and somewhere in between the whirlwind of shows and travels they’ve managed to fine tune their sophomore album, Epoch. And it speaks volumes.

First things first, we need to mention the album artwork; it’s beautifully inspired and there’s a calming element to the blue ocean, green leaves and gold lettering. Breathe it in, because as calm as the face on the cover is, the music is thought provoking in a thrashy, grooving kind of way.

‘Broken Bones’ introduces the listener to the hard-edged melodies of Copia, and the surprising clarity of Andrew Bishop’s vocals. There’s something super satisfying about being able to understand the lyrics being growled, they’re still deep and rough but they’re not totally inaccessible.

Hidden deep among the metal is a hint of punk attitude. It’s in the lyrics and it’s in the heavy rhythmic riffs that are kind of in-your-face. ‘Resist Resonate’ and ‘Disconnected’ are both reflections on the state of our world, and the music is just as strong as the lyrics. They are statements supported by strong vocals and bass lines that thud through your body.

The title track ‘Epoch’ is a show stopper. It comes at a point in the album where you could get lost in all the heavy, but this 64 second spoken word interlude is a grounding point in the album. It addresses the listener: ‘What did you do while the planet was plundered?’ After that, you need a song in the same vein to carry the message with music, and ‘No Time’ is where Copia really push home their lyrical message.

This is a dense album with raging riffs and beastly drums. The final track on Epoch, ‘Waiting’, is a closer if you’ve ever heard one. Violins, intricate melodies and a vocal range that shows off raspy growls and rough clean singing is what this song is all about.

Copia has packed an album full of epic songs. Just be careful not to get lost in the weighty melodies, and miss the message.

Rating: 8/10

Epoch is available for purchase here.

Saturday April 8 – Enigma Bar, Adelaide 18+
w/ guests Kings Within, Oceans Wake and Audium

Saturday April 15 – Crowbar, Brisbane 18+TICKETS
w/ guests TBC

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