Can you feel the steel? It’s hard to miss. Scandalous metal glam rockers Steel Panther are back with another album titled Lower The Bar, and yet they’ve set it higher than before.

Screaming guitar riffs and a throaty grunt open up the album with ‘Going In The Back Door’. It’s funk layered over the top of some killer rock melodies, and it’s also just a classic Steel Panther song with hilariously suggestive lyrics.

‘Anything Goes’ and ‘Wrong Side of the Tracks’ are songs that showcase the band’s members (no, not those members—come on). Michael Starr’s voice is something else, and when you pair that with a Satchel guitar solo, it’s smoking. The bass and guitar are solid entities and while they don’t get their own moment to shine, they support all the extravagantness that is layered in these songs.

Then we come across ‘Poontang Boomerang’ and it’s everything you could’ve wanted from Steel Panther: racy lyrics, burning guitar riffs and a chorus that will stick with you for days. Whatever your opinion on their lyrics, you can’t deny Steel Panther’s ability to write a killer rock song and execute it with style. You can feel the ’80s glam metal vibe from the first note to the last grunt. Along the same lines are ‘Walk of Shame’, ‘I Got What You Want’ and ‘Pussy Ain’t Free’. The titles of these tracks alone let you know what you’re in for: a bloody good time.

The fellas take a softer approach music-wise with ‘That’s When You Came In’ and ‘Wasted Too Much Time’. The former is purely acoustic guitar and vocals with sweet harmonies, and then it builds to include bass and drums. This is the song you’d show to that friend who’s never heard of Steel Panther because the more you listen to it, the dirtier it gets. The latter is an emotional rock song with a damn catchy chorus. It’s not as crazy as the other songs on the album, and it allows you to really hear how great those riffs are.

And then we come to ‘She’s Tight’. Ending with a cover of Cheap Trick’s classic song, it’s a salute to one of their favourite bands. You’ve even got Robin Zander in there singing the lyric, “I’m home on my own, home all alone”. It’s the perfect end to a kick-arse album.

Lower The Bar is classic Steel Panther with a twist and tease. You can almost see the leopard print spandex and smell the hairspray while listening and that’s what makes these guys so impressive.

Rating: 9/10

Lower The Bar drops on Friday, 24th March. Get it here or via iTunes or JB Hi-Fi.

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