What was once simply a music shop in Klemzig (Adelaide) has now transformed into a destination for Australian musos. The space features a new rehearsal stage; giving customers a chance to test out the instruments, whilst giving bands the opportunity to rehearse on a real stage. Listed as an official venue for this year’s Fringe Festival, Global Music Revolution is going from strength to strength.

Mark Hosking, owner of Global Music Revolution, explains that the size of the room is intentional, “…we want to try and get some international acts in here, which is why we built such a large room and not lots of little rehearsal rooms—that wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun!”

The space is well equipped, with a 7 metre stage supported by a 7 metre light truss, as well as a 32 channel PA that goes straight to Pro Tools. “We are trying to develop a full production room here where you can walk in, record live (only live as it’s not a recording studio) and produce videos,” Mark says. You can fit just about 200 people in there, and with two bars it’s a great space for gigs. “It’s intimate and it looks good, which helps the bands create the vibe,” Mark adds.

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And the new space means things are going great for the music shop. “We did a drum workshop here…people don’t just come in to buy a guitar, they come back for our events and we get to know them—we end up having a beer out here! There’s nothing else out there like us,” Mark says.

The future looks bright for GMR, with A.R.B.A. (Australian Roots and Blues Association) booked in for their second Fringe show in 2017 and a string of independent gigs lined up. “TV Production is a thing we want to get into. It will help us build profile for bands, our music shop and, you know, it’s just a lot of fun,” Mark says. Additionally, the space is perfect for teaching live performance to groups. “We’ve had everything from ukulele clubs to drum clinics, with some exciting new ventures in the works,” Mark says.

Ultimately though, Mark wants the place to be a launching pad for young, local and original talent. With access to everything that a new band could want, it’s the perfect place to nurture the new sounds coming out of Adelaide.

Global Music Revolution will be hosting a free guitar and bass re-string event, this Thursday 9th of March. Call GMR on 8367 6107 to secure your spot, or simply just turn up for the barbecue and to catch some live shredding on stage.

Find out more or RSVP to the event here.

Where is Global Music Revolution?
16/47 OG Road, Klemzig, SA

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Photos: Josh McCawley (above) and Pepper Photography (below)

Adelaide Music Blog-Adelaide Music Magazine-Global Music Revolution

Adelaide Music Blog-Adelaide Music Magazine-Global Music Revolution