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The Adelaide boys behind Heinous Crimes have kicked off their Aussie tour with the release of their first EP, No Time. The trio—Igor Sukno on guitar and vocals, Anthony Katern on bass and Henry Gazzola on drumsfirst stormed onto the local rock scene last year, with their unique blend of ’90s infused rock mixed a touch of ’70s. Now the guys are making tracks around the country, unleashing their tunes in front of live audiences, and Frankie’s Pizza is next on the hit list! We managed to steal some time with Igor to find out about the challenges and experiences of breaking onto the rock scene, as well as the important stuff; which band member would survive a zombie apocalypse.

TEO: You recently launched your debut EP, No Time—congrats! How has it been received?
Thanks! We’ve built up a pretty good following in the last year. We were stoked with how many people turned up to the launch night and we played our best show yet!

I imagine many nights were sacrificed to achieve the finished product, were you nervous about releasing it?
There were definitely some nerves but we’re pretty confident with the EP. We had positive feedback from our friends and family during the recording process—it wasn’t just your mum hooraying you, they really loved it!

Talk us through the recording process.
Most of the songs were written around six years ago. The recording process was quick but we worked hard. We spent four days with Josh Bills in his Melbourne recording studio, Vagabond Studios. We recorded the drum tracks in the first day and after that it was pretty much getting the guitars, bass, and vocals done. It was cool to just let it be what it is.

Would you say there’s one band that’s had a major influence on the sound of Heinous Crimes?
No Time has a mix of ’90s and ’70s sounds influenced by Nirvana and the Stooges. Henry’s experimental hard rock drumming is the backbone of Heinous Crimes. His biggest influence is probably Led Zeppelin, while Anthony looks up to Flea from the Chilli Peppers; he’s a groove and funk bass player—loves anything that gets him moving. It’s hard to describe our sound sometimes because there’s so many different elements!

What do you think about Adelaide’s rock scene? I hear the Cranker is on its way out.
I love what’s happening in Adelaide. There’s a great underground rock scene with younger and older bands working together really well. I’m a bit confused as to what’s happening with the Cranker because there’s a bit unknown, but it would be a damn shame to see it go!

What track on the EP are you most proud of?
I think the closing song, ‘Taxpayer’ because it grows and develops each time we play it. The song has completely transformed since the beginning stages.

And most importantly, if Heinous Crimes was in a zombie apocalypse, who out of the band would be the most likely to survive?
Henry definitely would in terms of survival smarts—he’s a smart dude! He’d probably turn us into zombies to save himself. Although, I get hangry pretty quickly so I’d probably eat one of them to survive.

Catch the Heinous Crimes boys on their Australian tour, supported by good mates Kahn, at the following spots:

07/12 Sydney at Frankie’s Pizza
10/12 Newcastle at Hamilton Station Hotel

Find Heinous Crimes on:


Photos: Josh McCawley

Adelaide Music Blog-Adelaide Music Magazine-Heinous Crimes

Adelaide Music Blog-Adelaide Music Magazine-Heinous Crimes