You may have heard of Chuck Garric—he’s the long-time bassist for Alice Cooper. Now, his band, Beasto Blanco is due to release their self-titled second album this Friday 25th of November, and it features 11 new tracks as well as an amped up cover version of Alice’s hit song ‘Feed My Frankenstein’.

Produced by Ryan Greene (Alice Cooper/Lita Ford/Mr. Big), this record is the follow up to the band’s critically acclaimed 2013 release, Live Fast, Die Loud. The album showcases a mix of heavy riffs, driving bass lines and melodic choruses, giving fans a clear idea of the band’s evolution as songwriters and unity as a musical force. Daughter of Alice Cooper and vocalist alongside Chuck, Calico Cooper adds, “this record is like a baseball bat to the chest that you want more and more of.”

With influences from bands like White Zombie and Motörhead, Chuck describes the album as “…a clash of elements coming together in an organic implosion of sonic perfection. Beasto Blanco is not about reinventing the wheel, we’re all about giving ‘em cool rims!”

The band will head off on a 2016/17 tour starting this month with a string of US headline dates and a soon to be announced arena tour of Europe. And let’s not forget the Monsters Of Rock Cruise in February that they’ll be playing at. So, look out for their record this Friday the 25th because you’ll be hearing a lot from them!

Watch the Beasto Blanco cover of Alice Cooper’s ‘Feed My Frankenstein‘.

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