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Hitting the ground running on their third week into a month-long residency at The Exeter, the guys from Cobra teamed up with Euphoria last night to get the music flowing. Everyone loves The Exeter; with a grungy feel and posters of shows and events plastered everywhere, it’s the ideal location. Let’s not forget to mention the toilet graffiti art; it’s inspirational and educational.

Euphoria warmed up the small stage—thank goodness there were only four of them because you couldn’t fit another person up there. Showcasing a swirling pot of genres, Euphoria hit it hard with their alternativeness and heavy undertones. Stunningly melodic riffs with droning, hypnotic vocals that morphed into shouts and thick, weighty beats were the basis of Euphoria. And then they busted out a cover of Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Bulls on Parade’. Just, yes.

Cobra is one of the most exciting bands in Adelaide—it has to be said. If progressive music is your thing, these guys will get your blood moving. They pump out vastly different melodies that flow and morph into each other during the lengthy songs, and they do it so effortlessly, no vocals needed. It’s groove laden, it’s sludgy yet insanely sharp proggy melodies with some bass slapping and controlled drumming that’s almost frantic at times—it’s Cobra. You can’t define them—you can only listen. And as guitarist, Yanni said, “this song is called ‘Locking Tusks With Creation’, it goes for 20 minutes—chill the fuck out,” we obeyed, absorbing it all. They finished off their set with an instrumental cover of ‘Gore’ by Deftones and crashing cymbals, really hitting home with what these guys are capable of.

They’re playing one more Saturday so, if you need your live music fix, be sure to get down to The Exeter, smash a bevvy or two and get lost.

The Exeter Hotel:
246 Rundle St, Adelaide

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Photo: Marty Knoll