With Adelaide excluded from the Australian leg of Slipknot’s tour, Knotfest, Lamb of God rise up and take charge of the metal world; following their support slot with Slipknot, Lamb of God depart from the East and bring the South Coast something very special.

This would be the band’s first tour here since Soundwave festival in 2015 and the first time Australian fans would be able to hear the album release, VII: Sturm und Drang. Fans—young and old—congregated at Adelaide’s HQ to witness what was a jam-packed night full of the heaviest guitars, drums and bass that the Adelaide metal scene has seen in a while. Long hair and beards were the common trend of the evening, in true spirit of pure metal.

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ALKIRA kicked off the night, hitting the stage with a bang. The Adelaide four-piece thrashed out every ounce of energy they had with prominent basslines and incredibly challenging riffs and rhythms, showing Lamb of God fans that they were here to have a good time. They had the pit separated within minutes and dedicated their set to hard death metal. Without skipping a beat, ALKIRA ripped through their set and did an outstanding job.

SE BON KI RA graced the stage, draped in red lights, showing off the core founding sounds of old school death metal. Keeping the spirits alive, the Adelaide supporting act revved up the crowd with a set of fast-paced, intense tunes that had the whole room head banging—it was impossible to look away. With direct influences of Lamb of God in their sound, it’s easy to see why this band was chosen to open.

The moment everyone had been waiting for finally arrived. Chanting, fresh booze and flying clothing was already in the mix before the band had even set foot on the stage. The anticipation in the crowd was thick, as fans of all ages gathered closely. With the lights dimming and guitars ringing, the crowd went insane and bodies were already flying. Devil horns were raised and barbaric yelling began as Lamb Of God crashed into what would be a fast-moving, powerful, true metal set. The energy in the room was unbelievable as the classic metal band jumped right in and shook the crowd with their art. The mix of extremely heavy guitar, bass and double-bass drum blended effortlessly, highlighting the talent of each band member. The vocals—chalky and rough—added an extra something to the set that had the oldest of men banging their heads. They played hit after hit, ranging from ‘Walk With Me In Hell’ to ‘512’ to ‘Now You’ve Got Something To Die For’ and ending with the all-time favourite, ‘Redneck’.

Lamb of God tore up Adelaide, with the most memorable live performance we’ve seen from them yet! We’re grateful they made the detour. Thanks Lamb of God, on behalf of Adelaide.

Lamb Of God’s new EP, The Duke is available from the 18th of November and can be pre-ordered here!

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Photos: Josh McCawley

Adelaide Music Blog-Adelaide Music Magazine-Lamb of God

Adelaide Music Blog-Adelaide Music Magazine-Lamb of God