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After years of playing in different bands on the same circuit, five men have come together to form the band, KilliT—it’s one of those ‘just right’ moments. You’ve got Gaz Twist (vocals), Niro Knox (lead guitar), Byron Marr (rhythm guitar), Geos Letona (bass) and Pete Jean (drums), and they released their debut album earlier this year, titled: Shut It Down.

Niro tells TEO about how the band lost their vocalist, found another and smashed out the recording process in just three days.

TEO: Your debut album, Shut It Down is out, congrats! You’re a fairly new band, having only formed a few years ago. Did making this album take longer because you had to get to know each other’s style of music?
No, actually it was the opposite. We all knew each other for about 10 years, always in different bands on the scene. I had just left my previous band, so I called up the drummer and bass player and said, ‘hey guys, why don’t we make the best band in the world?’

We actually wrote this album in about three weeks and we recorded it in exactly three days! We really knew what we were after, so it was very easy for our styles to come together. But the reason it took a while to put it out was because after we finished recording the album, our singer left the country and decided to make a change in his life. So it took us another year to find the right guy to sing on the album. It was fast, but I guess the universe has its way of always delaying things in one way or another.

Maybe the delay just made it better?
Oh definitely! Our previous singer was so damn good that we were so worried we wouldn’t find anyone as good. But we found Gaz Twist who is better for the band and I don’t like to say he’s a better singer because, after all, it’s a matter of taste but this guy hits the spot. And as an individual, he adds a lot to the band.

What themes are in Shut It Down?
The songs, if you check out the lyrics, are very serious. They’re not about getting drunk and wasted—all that glam rock style—even though I come from that background. The lyrics are very mature. Some songs are about relationships and people, and some are about how terrible and dire the situation on our planet is right now, with the creatures that are populating it: humans—I don’t think we’ve done any good with it. Shut It Down is basically about shutting down the system, the system that we are all hooked on without wanting to be.

Recording this album over three days is incredible! Surely you’d need cups upon cups of coffee to keep you going?
I’ve not had coffee in six or seven years! You know, we demoed and practiced everything at home so when we took it to the studio we didn’t mess around. You don’t figure stuff out in the studio. In the ’70s when record labels were putting a lot of money in bands, they would lock a band in a studio for two months and that’s why it would take $100,000 to make an album, just because of the studio time. So we came ready, four or five takes of every song and that’s it. We recorded it all live too.

Has making this album given you ideas for the next?
Yeah, totally! When it’s all coming together, you start to get so inspired and all these ideas keep coming and you want to put them all in one song! So we are very on it at the moment; we already have three songs for the next album.

Now, I saw you were on a dinner date show that aired in the UK, you seem like a great cook!
[Laughs] Oh my God, how did you find out about that! Oh no.

The internet is vast! Can you tell us the best tip for making beer batter chicken?
Well, you have to set the dough right. If you put too much flour or not enough water, or you get the density wrong, it won’t come out right.

What’s next for KilliT?
We’re looking to go on tour soon, we’re just trying to get the right agent to work with. The problem with touring and rolling up your sleeves and doing the hard work is if you tour too long on a low profile, then the public opinion is already formed about the band and you’ll never be perceived as a big act. So we want to tour with a big band and I think we have the right product and the right style that is going to fill a certain gap. We’ve been skyrocketing at a good rate, so we’ll just keep doing it!

Watch ‘Crash And Burn‘ from Shut It Down.

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