Last night we kicked off Vision Festival with a proggy pre-party to get everyone warmed up for tonight’s show. The Crown and Sceptre Hotel was truly alive with sets from acts: Fierce Mild and Stranger Things Have Happened, and our surprise guest headliners, Kettlespider and Three Wise Monkeys. We were even treated to a specially brewed beer, the Festivale, by Western Ridge Brewing Collection; it was a smooth, malty and fruity brew that went down almost too easily.

Fierce Mild began our progressive adventure with an eerie, hypnotic set list. They gave us an empirical sort of experience, using sounds like water dripping and combining them with highly melodic and complicated guitar riffs. Their sound filled the Crown and Sceptre very well.

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Stranger Things Have Happened followed up with a funky and progressive rock set, taken from their EP. They didn’t want to stay on the stage though; they spread to the floor and made sure there was plenty of room to move and groove through their energetic show. Through their highly instrumental sound, their technical expertise was very evident.

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Kettlespider, our first surprise headliner, treated the audience to a slightly jazzy, funky and melodic progressive experience. Nothing stayed still with their music, constantly shifting and changing. With all five members on stage, it made the space look very small, however they still looked like rock stars and the sound remained top-notch.

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The Three Wise Monkeys concluded our party with a satisfying bassy, ’90s-grunge vibe that had an incredible technical element to it. The set list seemed to ebb and flow to the perfect conclusion, calming the crowd down from the hype.

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The pre-party was the perfect preview of what’s to come. With Vision Fest enthusiasts currently partying at the main event, those missing out can get a taste of the fest at the final event tomorrow. Find out about the Vision Festival Master Clinic at ARMI (Australian Rock & Metal Institute) by clicking here.

Photos: Joshua McCawley