Adelaide five-piece, CYNYXYTY like to invite the listener into a calm state of contemplation, before exploding into all-out psychedelic, jazz-fusion-inspired post-rock improvisation. This is exactly what Vision Festival-goers can expect later today!

TEO chatted with guitarist, Ian about the band’s style and influences in anticipation of their opening set at today’s festival.

TEO: So, first an obvious question: how does one pronounce your band name?
It is pronounced ‘sin-ix-ity’.

How did the band form? Are there any musical influences that brought you all together?
Sam—the keyboardist—and myself started jamming out our ideas a few years ago and from that came a few songs. Then we decided to expand the group by adding Anna on vocals, and then Larry on drums. Permanent bass players were tricky to come across but we’re lucky to have Jackson joining us on Saturday, as well as a special guest.

As for common influences, it’s difficult to say. Sam and I do most of the writing and some of the bands/musicians we enjoy are: King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Tame Impala, Jimi Hendrix, Sun Araw, The Beach Boys, Mac DeMarco, Flying Lotus, Alice Coltrane, John Coltrane, Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock.

Noting the jazz/fusion influences, how important is improvisation to your sound?
Improvisation is central to our style, not just in the featured soloist but also in the interaction between us. There are of course specific ideas—melodic, harmonic, rhythmic and so on—that set the style of the song, and these then form the basis of the improvisation.

In this way, each performance can never be exactly the same as the last, although it may follow the same structure. So there is always an excitement of not knowing what’s going to happen until it does.

What do you think of the scene for progressive music in Adelaide?
If something like Vision Festival can be put on, I’d say it is pretty healthy.

Catch the band at Vision Festival today! Tickets available at Moshtix.

Find out more about Vision Festival here.



Photo: Marty Knoll

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