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Adelaide based band, Colibrium has been announced as the co-headliner for the Global Music Revolution and TEO Magazine charity event, ‘Hard Rock Halloween’. It’s been a busy year already for Chris Gard (vocalist), Christian Tassone (lead guitar), Gus Robertson (rhythm guitar), Craig Williams (bass, vocals) and Matt Giola (drums, percussion)—they launched their debut album, In Balance, to great success. To find out more, TEO chatted with Christian.

TEO: You guys have had a massive year—how has the response to In Balance been and are you satisfied with it?
As an album, we’ve had some really good feedback. We’ve had some good reviews and good shows come off the back of it but the response from the music industry was great; everyone is sort of surprised that it was a first ever release for the band. That’s really nice, because we’ve worked pretty hard on it. We didn’t want to release something for the sake of it, so we made sure it was good.

We have to ask—what was the inspiration behind the record?
It was a lot of things. If you look at some of the lyrics, there’s a lot of different ideas in there. Like in ‘Spinning On The Wheel’ we talk about consumerism and the fact that everyone is just stuck on their phones, walking around not really looking at what is happening in the real world—what really matters. But we’ve got a love ballad in there, ‘Locked And Loaded’, that was sort of like a little band intro song to say ‘here we are, we are going to smash it and do the best that we can’. We tried to make sure we kept it as interesting and varied as we could.

And now that you’ve released the album, do you prefer live or studio?
We like playing and we like getting up and smashing it out but the whole album was a project based one, with people doing things at different times. It wasn’t like we just went into the studio for a month and did it; it was done in stages and I think for the creative process, it does help. I like recording because it’s fun and you get to turn it up really loud but it’s definitely half and half—when you’re on stage, that’s where all the emotion and the sweat and the jumping around happens. Everything has its own place.

And now you guys are going to be co-headlining at Hard Rock Halloween…
Yeah, it was just like ‘do you want to do this charity gig?’ and we thought alright, sounds like good fun. And it’s Halloween so I think we’re going to play and put some effort into dressing up.

And if you get to choose what you are, what would you be?
I’m one of those people that will tell a makeup artist to do what they want and make me cool. I wouldn’t have a preference. I would tell them to surprise and embarrass me…maybe a duck? I don’t know if you can do a duck.

Artists can do incredible things these days.
Alright—I want a duck then.

Catch Colibrium playing at ‘Hard Rock Halloween’ on Saturday, 29 October 2016.
RSVP to ‘Hard Rock Halloween’ here.
Find out more about the event here.

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