The Fat Controller’s hidden, underground atmosphere was perfect to set the scene for what was in store last night. Three bands—RACKETT, White Bleaches and Stonefield (the headliner)—reminded the younger generation that rock ‘n’ roll never dies.

Although the crowd emerged rather gradually throughout the night, RACKETT possessed an unbridled energy that waited for no one. The lead vocalist in her leopard-print jeans really did resemble a feline predator, challenging the audience with every wide-eyed stare and side-line comment to the crowd. “That’s just a teaser, mate. Wait for the real thing,” the Sydney band teased, before climbing over the barrier and performing their experimental pop rock tunes amongst the crowd.

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Next up was the White Bleaches, offering a more laid back vibe, looking like they just walked off the set of That ’70s Show. Before I could ask whether they knew Michael Kelso personally, these Melbourne lads rocked their psych-rock sounds and overall ’60s garage band charm. It seemed all too soon that the boys were off stage, but the energy was good and the beers were flowing, in anticipation for what was to come.

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The moment Stonefield prepared their instruments, it was as if a crowd materialised in front of the stage, gravitating towards the four-piece all-girl rock band. Promoting their new album As Above, So Below, Stonefield began with their new track ‘Love’, before diving into their old music. ‘Put a curse on me’ was an instant crowd pleaser, enlightening our ears with Amy’s clear and powerful vocals. Every sound echoed off the walls, giving the impression that those punchy drums originated from inside your ribcage, rather than on stage.

The band treated the audience to a cover of ‘Venus’ (the Shocking Blue version), clearly emphasising their strong ’60s and ’70s rock influences. Sarah, on keys, impressed the audience more than once with psychedelic sounds mirroring the ethereal vibrations of a cathedral organ. Approaching the later hours of the night, ‘Through the Clover’ bounced around the walls of the Fat Controller, concluding the night on a high. By the end it was blatantly clear that Australia holds some immensely talented musicians, who have the ability to attract younger generations to the timeless ways of old school rock ‘n’ roll.

Australian Music Blog-Australian Music Magazine-Fat Controller Club-Stonefield

Australian Music Blog-Australian Music Magazine-Fat Controller Club-Stonefield

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Photos: Joshua McCawley