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After winning the Keep It Real’ Recording Studio and Global Music Revolution ‘Battle Of The Bands’ competition, young Adelaide band, Radix has taken off. The boys: Harry Radix (vocals/guitar), Tom ‘Fly’ (guitar), Nic ‘Deadleg’ (drums) and Tyler K (bass) are now set to play at the TEO Magazine and Global Music Revolution ‘Hard Rock Halloween’ fundraiser. The event will be held on the 29th of October, with TEO and GMR aiming to raise awareness and funds for Leukodystrophy Australia.

The guys from Radix will be bringing their unique punk sound to one of the creepiest nights of the year; in anticipation, TEO caught up with the band to talk about jamming on stage, weird nicknames and the perks of live shows.

TEO: How did Radix form?
: It started out with myself and Harry both having a love for music and wanting to play in a band together. So after the band that we were both in split up, we decided to go on and start our own band. We really wanted to take the drummer from that band and make him ours, so we got Nic to join us. We had written a fair amount of songs but still had no bass player. Harry invited Tyler over for a few drinks, which was actually our way of chucking a bass in his hands and making him our bass player—from there Radix was complete.

How would you describe your sound?
: Our sound is quite unique as we have a lot of varied influences. Moral of the story, we’re defined as punk rock.

What do you all like most about performing?
: It’s honestly something we look forward to above all else. It’s always a blast to write and jam, but putting it out there as hard as we can and seeing the response never ever gets old. Just losing ourselves in the passion is like no other feeling, and the fact that we’re all best mates makes it all the more special. That and free beers!

You won the battle of the bands run by Keep It Real’ Recording Studio and Global Music Revolution, what has that done for the band?
: Well, first off it’s given us a whole bunch of exposure and has let us mingle with heaps of bands we’d never met, so we have a few shows out of it. We’re also getting close to finishing our debut album, which couldn’t have happened without the prize of that competition.

You guys have some cool nicknames—‘Deadleg’, ‘Fly’—how did they come about?
: We call Tom ‘Fly’ because he goes out of his way to annoy us and finds amusement in it.
Nic: And I am always getting cramps in my legs after playing e.g. ‘Sit down Dr. Cider’.

You’re playing TEO Magazine and Global Music Revolution’s Halloween event; if you could have any horror villain attend the party, who would it be and why?
: I’d like Jason Voorhees to be there so we could do flaming shots together.  Fire doesn’t hurt the bastard. And Scary Terry from Rick and Morty.

Catch Radix playing at ‘Hard Rock Halloween’ on Saturday, 29 October 2016.
RSVP to ‘Hard Rock Halloween’ here.
Find out more about the event here.

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Adelaide Music Blog-Adelaide Music Magazine-Radix-Hard Rock Halloween

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