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The guys from Cobra have a busy time ahead of them, taking off to Asia for a tour and getting themselves ready for Vision Festival. The local progressive band—consisting of Yanni Apostolidis (guitar), Jonty Czuchwicki (drums) and Kyle Clarke (bass)—specialise in the unconventional, and are known for their crazy live shows.

With Vision Festival drawing closer, TEO spoke to Kyle just before he jetted off to Indonesia.

TEO: You’re heading to Indonesia tomorrow, excited yet?
Incredibly but I’m trying not to expect anything, so it seems really surreal—at the same time it’s kinda like any other day.

You’ve been preparing pretty hard for it though.
Yeah, well Jonty is really good at prepping for these things. So he’s put all this hard work into it, and all we had to do was save up and social network.

And you’re playing with Devil’s Crossroad; is this a new thing?
No, this is actually kind of like a brother band—Jonty’s brother is the guitarist.

A literal brother band!
Yeah! I actually joined Devil’s Crossroad three years ago, and I’m still playing with them. This tour is both my bands playing—it’s going to be incredibly fun. Everyone has the same chilled vibe and we all get along; it’s a bunch of bros hanging out and having a music holiday together.

And after you get back you have Vision Festival, excited for that too?
Yeah, incredibly excited. We played the last Vision Fest and that was really fun. But this next one we are playing with some interstate bands, which is always really awesome. Plus, I feel like after we get back from Indo, we are just going to be super tight and super ready to play.

Can we expect any new stuff from you guys?
Hopefully! We’ve got a few things in the works. Hopefully we can put together a little sneaky new song before the show. I think we have something in the works, I don’t know if it will be one song or three—we will see what happens.

The big question, what is most inspiring to you musically?
Oh, there’s a few things. I would probably say being able to put influences together and make this one unique sound that can remind people of their own unique experiences—so it’s the unique perspectives that everyone values in a completely different way. Like my music makes me feel like I am expressing different emotions. But, when I hear my friends talk about it, they have a completely different perspective. And, also, the person viewing themselves through the music—I think that’s probably the coolest thing about music. It inspires me to continue to better myself so I can grow my horizons. It inspires me to just get better and continue. Everyone is capable of it. All you gotta do is believe, and everyone is capable of creating stuff.

Hear their unique progressive sound in October at Vision Fest. Tickets available at Moshtix.

Find out more about Vision Festival here.

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Photo: Marty Knoll

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