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With a new album release and a US tour set for November, it’s only onwards and upwards for rock band, Beasto Blanco. Fronted by Chuck Garric (vocals and guitar) of Alice Cooper, and featuring Jan LeGrow on bass; Cooper’s daughter, Calico, on vocals; Brother Latham on guitar and Tim Husung on drums. TEO caught up with co-founder Brother Latham about the exciting things happening for the band, as well as his thoughts on the Hilary versus Trump political race.

TEO: A lot of artists talk about how the follow up or second album can create a lot of pressure, is this the case for you guys?
Brother Latham:
Chuck and I, we didn’t even take it like that. I mean, the first record started out just Chuck and I doing two or three songs and the next thing we know, we had a full record. So coming to the second record, all the music just kind of flowed—it’s not like we’re feeling like we have a ‘sophomore jinx’ or not. We’re actually just so proud of everything that we’ve done—be it the bastard second record or the blessed one, we’re real stoked with it.

Chuck also plays bass for the Alice Cooper band, does this impact on Beasto Blanco?
Well, it’s kind of twofold. I mean, he’s out with Alice Cooper and it’s a good thing—I mean it’s a great thing because he can also go out there and promote Beasto Blanco as well. Yes, it hinders our time as far as getting out there to push ourselves as Beasto Blanco but on the same point we make do with the time we have and we just work real hard. Like right now he’s got time off—the poor guy’s been touring all year—so we’re getting ready to push Beasto 100 per cent. So, for him it’s a yearlong gig regardless of which one it is. And Alice Cooper is really supportive of Chuck and Calico—when you’re touring with Alice Cooper and that type, there’s a lot of tricks you get to learn and so Chuck’s really getting to learn a lot of those tricks. He definitely brings it on board with not just the show of Beasto Blanco but a lot of the business of how this works also, so that is definitely a plus.

You’ll be promoting the new album on tour in the US soon, and your shows are known for their theatrics. Any new tricks in store for fans on the upcoming tour?
The new tricks would be to have Chuck, myself, Jan or Tim or even Calico not hit ourselves with a damn bat or something live [laughs]. No, we’re working on that right now, trying to get all segues right and get the show together. It’ll be a typical Beasto show; it’ll be a good time and we’re just really excited about it.

Being an American band, what is your take on the political status of America now with the Trump vs Hilary race?
Boy, our world’s in a world of shit right now. I don’t know if it’s just right now or if it’s been all along throughout history but I guess my take on it is—this sounds lame—trying to pick the best of the two worst [laughs]. For the United States, I think it’s hit or miss. You’ve got Hilary Clinton who’s done and doing some really shady shit, and then you’ve got a guy like Donald Trump who you don’t know if he’s just out there trying to be a TV star. So, do we take someone who might not have the country’s best interests or do we take someone who has definitely proven themselves in business but not have the temperament and the knowhow? We’re probably a laughing stock to every other country right now. It’s a tough one. I think in the end—not to get religious or anything—but what’s gonna happen is gonna happen so we just have to roll the dice and see how it plays. It’s all you can do.

The band’s self-titled new album will be out on the 25th of November 2016.

Watch the Beasto Blanco cover of Alice Cooper’s ‘Feed My Frankenstein‘.

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Photos: Jan H. Helmersen

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