Based in Renmark, South Australia, Ryde Clothing is the newest kid on the street wear block. The ’90s inspired label was founded in May this year by 16-year-old, Nathan Woodrow. Featuring a line of tees, hoodies and caps, Ryde Clothing is aimed at anyone that has the passion to ride—which is how the name ‘Ryde’ came about. TEO caught up with Nathan to discuss the design process behind his label as well as what influences him most.

TEO: How did Ryde Clothing Start?
It started from helping a friend sell some of his clothes for his clothing line, Venix Clothingif it weren’t for Venix, Ryde Clothing probably wouldn’t exist. From here, I started to get really interested in the clothing business and all the processes that went into it. I started sketching up some rough designs and really liked them, so I thought I’d start my own line.

What inspires your designs?
My designs are inspired by the things I’m interested in. The name ‘Ryde’ came about because I love to skate, wakeboard and snowboard—all things you can typically ride. I wanted to make the label something that related to myself.

Do you have favourite spots where you like to skate, wakeboard, and snowboard?
Growing up in the Riverland in South Australia, my favourite place to wakeboard would definitely be the Murray River. I have only ever snowboarded at Mt Hotham in Victoria—it was an awesome experience. As for skating, I don’t particularly have a favourite place; I enjoy finding cool spots where you can try new tricks. I also do a lot of mountain biking—riding downhill is the best. My favourite spot to do this is Mount Remarkable in Melrose, a small town well known for their gnarly bike tracks.

If you could invent any technology in the future to help you in your design process, what would it be?
If I could invent anything to help with designing for Ryde Clothing, it would be some sort of technology to help get the specific designs I think of straight onto paper. I sometimes find it difficult to transfer exactly what I’m thinking onto paper, and then onto clothing.

If Ryde Clothing was a retro arcade game, which one would it be?
If Ryde Clothing was a retro arcade game, I think it would be ‘720˚’—the skateboarding game.

What’s next for Ryde Clothing?
I will continue to come up with cool designs for Ryde and hopefully see it grow into an Australia known brand. Stay stoked!

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Photos: Alex Long

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Adelaide Fashion Blog-Adelaide Fashion Magazine