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After a drought of live performances, local progressive metal outfit, For Millennia will be taking the stage as part of Vision Festival in October. The boys have been working hard on new stuff—the audience will be in for a real treat. Taking the vocals, we have Henk Plaggemars, Oliver Green is the guitarist while talented Nathan Churches mans the keyboards and their percussion extraordinaire (and vocalist) is Rory Amoy.

TEO got to chat to Henk about what For Millennia have been up to, who’s the best to play with and what’s next for the boys.

TEO: You’re playing at Vision Festivalwhat’s got you most excited about it?
Showcasing our new stuff. We’ve got a couple of new songs that we’ve been working on and one of them will feature at the festival—we’re so excited for people to hear it!

And you guys released your first EP last year, right?
Yeah, last year—it just seems so long ago now.

Have you been happy with how the EP was received? Has that changed the way you’ve worked on music?
I think we feel like we can do better than the EP. We want to take a different and more complex direction and we tried to do that with ‘Final Taste of Bliss’—the single we released earlier this year.

The songs we are making now have a lot more prog elements to them; we’ve got a lot more odd-timed stuff and they’re longer—definitely longer. And we’re also mixing up the kind of themes. I’m excited to be making stuff like that.

You haven’t been playing many shows this year, are you looking forward to getting back on stage again?
Definitely. This year has been quite busy for the band, considering most of us are at uni. There haven’t been many opportunities where all of us are free. We’ve got a temporary bassist as well, which is a bit temperamental. For our last show at Enigma, our bassist wasn’t there and we had to have Nathan play whilst our old keyboardist Lachlan stood in. It’s a bit all over the shop while we don’t have a solid fifth member. Hopefully that will change soon.

Do you prefer the studio or playing live?
They both have their pros and they both have their downfalls. I suppose if I’m recording in the studio, it’s great because I’m actually making something the way I want people to hear it. Whereas live you make mistakes but that’s part of it and that’s what makes it fun—you get that connection with other people.

You’ve played with quite a few bands so far, who has been the best or the most fun to do a show with?
That’s a hard question. We’ve played with so many good people. One show in particular at Worldsend: it was a small crowd, but everyone was just really into it, jumping and singing along. That was more of a memorable moment. As far as bands go, I’d probably definitely say Caligula’s Horse—they were fantastic to play with. And Tomorrow Rising was pretty great too, and that whole night with them was pretty fun.

After Vision Fest, what’s next for you guys?
Vision Fest will probably be the last show of the year but we will be writing. We’ve got like three or four songs already and we want to be trying to record an EP next year—don’t know when next year but we are going to try.

Catch the guys live at Vision Festival this October! Tickets are available from Moshtix.

Find out more about Vision Festival here.

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