The Aristocrats is an instrumental rock/fusion super-group featuring guitarist, Guthrie Govan, alongside bassist, Bryan Beller and drummer, Marco Minneman. They discovered their chemistry when the three were providentially thrown on stage together at a guitar conference in 2011—and by the end of the year they had released their first album. Guthrie Govan, is known for his solo album, Erotic Cakes, which launched him to guitar–God status in 2006. But being a part of a band has always been his focus and now The Aristocrats is touring for their third album, Tres Caballeros.

The new album is a little more ‘produced’ than their previous two. “There’s undeniably something cool about trying to capture the unadorned ‘warts and all’ sound of three people playing live in a room,” Guthrie says. “But for some reason we all felt inclined to try a different approach this time around, reasoning that we would still be able to present the more ‘raw’ version of the band’s sound whenever we play a live show—and we do plenty of those!”

Musical chemistry is still present in spades on Tres Caballeros, as well as the sudden shifts in style that fans have come to expect. “We’ve just been having a lot of fun exploring various approaches and discovering that we can play around with all manner of stylistic silliness and still sound like ourselves,” Guthrie says. The song evocatively titled ‘The Kentucky Meat Shower’, for example, starts out with a country twang and over the course of five minutes undergoes a series of styles: it relaxes into a fusion-esque bass solo, explodes into metal guitar riffing and virtuosic shredding and finishes on its country roots.

Though they play fast and loose with style, Guthrie says The Aristocrats is still three guys who share a love for playing music. “The way we react to each other’s musical ideas always feels natural, intuitive and fun.” The music has evolved, but the mindset hasn’t changed. “We always wanted this to be an ‘old school’ kind of band,” Guthrie says. “We just have a better understanding of each other’s tastes and preferences now, which has helped us to build on that initial musical chemistry, which we felt the first time we played together.”

The Aristocrats is playing in Australia for the first time this October and, when it comes to music, Guthrie sees Australians as receptive and open-minded. “One of the most diverse and un-blinkered audiences I can ever remember playing for was at the Adelaide Guitar Festival,” he remembers. “So I’m very much looking forward to the forthcoming Aristocratic naughtiness down under!” You can hear The Aristocrats ‘warts and all’ this October.

Sunday, October 2:
John Inverarity Theatre – Perth
Tuesday, October 4: The Gov – Adelaide
Thursday, October 6: The Bendigo Hotel – Melbourne
Saturday, October 8: Manning Bar – Sydney
Monday, October 10: The Crowbar- Brisbane

Tickets on sale now from
General Admission $70
Silver $110
Platinum $160

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Photo: Mike Mesker

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