A quiet gig and beverage at The Gov was not an option if you were seeing Enter Shikari last night. Supported by Sydney lads, Stories and Buckinghamshire group, Hacktivist, the satisfying theme for the night was a set list of distinctive songs with contrasting musical elements that made each one unique.

The guys from Stories brought their metalcore game half an hour earlier than expected, but the sparse crowd clapped and cheered loud and clear. Blending the sounds of La Dispute and Bring Me The Horizon, lead singer Morgan Dodson bounced around, battling his mic cord and hitting impressive high notes as the band gave all they had.

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Britain-born Hacktivist brought their A-game from start to finish, managing to exude confidence and energy without being cocky. A sweet mix of British rap, grime and metal, some hits that got the audience going included a heavy rendition of Kanye West and Jay-Z’s ‘Ni**as In Paris’ and a song called ‘Taken’, which vocalist, Ben Marvin dedicated to his two grandfathers who passed away and the late Architects founder, Tom Searle. Not a person was still, and the band seemed in tune with each other, their staminaun-faltering.

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With a few more drinks and a full house, the crowd was getting rowdier and more amped as the roadies set up Enter Shikari’s gear. The stage was black and the set began with a pre-recorded voice over asking, “Have you heard the news?” The audience were sufficiently revved up by the time the band walked on stage. The venue was charged with the energy of a political rally, with revolution in the air. Varying mixtures and intensities of sound, tempo, instruments and vocals along with a mix of genres folded into their electronicore sound, the audience rode an emotional rollercoaster. Rou himself said “we control pitch and rhythm to manipulate emotion.”

Presumably from the rush of performing and the jetlag which they later confirmed in the song ironically titled ‘You’re Not Getting Any Sleep’, Rou looked euphoric and somewhat possessed as he sang and gyrated around in a manner mirroring Graham McPherson of the band, Madness. Rou’s vocals and transitions were effortless; he showed an admirable knack for flutter between an angelic high pitch and a demonic growl. Rou stopped the song ‘Paddington Frisk’ to encourage the rowdy crowd to form a circle pit, which Rory (guitarist) ended up spinning around in, whilst playing, when he clambered into the crowd.

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A synth and mini keyboard was present for the live remixes and electronica versions of the songs, including a live drum and bass remix and a beautiful verse poem song called ‘Constellations’. The blue-and-purple dominated lighting with smoke and strobes added to the magical vibe.

An overall impressive performance, all three bands would be worth keeping an eye out for next time they’re in Radelaide.

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 Photos: Joshua McCawley