Playing at Vision Festival alongside the likes of Three Wise Monkeys and Kettlespider is local Radelaide band, Overview Effect. These progressive/post rock musos are creating unearthly melodies that are sweet and mellow, yet are overlapped by primal growls and magnetic guitar riffs.

The five-piece is: Felicia Tassone (vocals), Theodoros Theodorakopoulos (guitar), Jonny (guitar), Dion Zisos (bass) and Stefan Vogiatzis (drums). TEO was lucky enough to get a hold of bassist Dion, to chat about creating 30 minute songs and albums that get the creative juices gushing.

TEO: How did Overview Effect form? It seems like there aren’t a lot of progressive rock bands in Adelaide.
Oh, there are! They just aren’t really known, I suppose. In terms of us, we formed about four years ago. One of our guitarists, Theo, has been a friend of mine for about eight or nine years and the other guitarist, Jonny, is also a friend of ours and he did a music course and met Felicia and Stefan, and we all just came together.

Was there a certain record that got you into progressive rock?
Oh, it would’ve been the Tool album, Ænima. Also listening to Australian bands like Tangled Thoughts of Leaving—who are an instrumental band from Perth who just do everything in their music—that just got my tastebuds flowing for that type of music. When you delve into stuff like Steven Wilson, Porcupine Tree, Opeth, the list just goes on.

Your album Fault Lines has some lengthy tracks! The title song goes for 30 minutes—that’s incredible. How do you go about creating a song of that length?
Yeah, I’m not really sure but I can speak for the other four though: they’re all just crazy musicians. Our drummer is amazing at arrangement and composition, Theo and Felicia are incredible when it comes to writing harmonies and Johnny is a whiz at sound. Everyone kind of meshes together and it makes it easy for a bass player!

You’re opening for Katatonia later this year, how incredible! Are you fans of them? I can definitely hear similarities there.
Yeah it’s pretty crazy—a band that you used to listen to when you were younger and then you get the opportunity to play with them! They have such a massive discography and they share demographic with Opeth, so we’re very nervous about that but it should be really fun.

Are you excited that Vision Festival is prog themed?
Yeah, it’s good! There are heaps of good bands that come under that banner. And I could go on for ages about how many good bands there are in Adelaide—it’s actually ridiculous.

It must be all underground! But then once you find one band, you find a tonne more.
Oh, 100 per cent! You go to one show and then there are three other bands playing that you might really enjoy.

Well, what’s in the works for you guys next year?
It’s been a bit difficult this year. We did the double album launch with Molloy—who are a fantastic six-piece instrumental band and released their album the same day—and Iiah, who are another post rock outfit. So after that, we haven’t really done much but we’ll be playing Vision Fest, and opening for Katatonia at The Gov later on. And after that, we’re hoping to get some more gigs, I mean whoever wants to take the risk of getting a band that has a 30-minute song to play with them—by all means do it!

Catch Overview Effect live at Vision Festival this October! Tickets are available from Moshtix.

Find out more about Vision Festival here.

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