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Introducing Shifuku: a bespoke fashion subscription box fighting against human trafficking. The Japanese word Shifuku has two meanings: beatitude, supreme bliss; and a small silk pouch, which protects its belongings. Shifuku was created by Melinda and Christie, two nurses who met while working together. The pair are passionate about change and fashion, and so they created Shifuku. Each Shifiku box includes four to seven full sized items related to fashion: clothing, jewellery, homewares, and all things in between. The two ladies scour the market for local brands, fellow #girlbosses and labels that also take an ethical approach with their products. The goodness doesn’t stop there though! For every Shifuku subscription 10% goes towards stopping human trafficking. TEO caught up with Melinda to find out more.

TEO: Why did you create Shifuku?
Christie and I love fashion and wanted to create a new idea while also giving back to those in need, especially women. Christie is the co-founder of online boutique, Justa Local Store, while I am a passionate online shopper. More and more women want to online shop due to busy lifestyles, family, and the convenience!

Why a subscription box and not an online store?
The gap that we saw was the fact that women love to online shop, but are sometimes concerned about trying new labels and brands. On the other side, we also saw so many great new and local brands going unnoticed and not getting the customers they so deserved. Shifuku gives these new or small labels a chance to reach their target market and get great exposure.

Shifuku is a way for the busy, professional and fashion conscious woman to try, touch and feel new labels they may never have discovered. And of course fall in love!

How are the items for the box sourced/selected?
We at Shifuku spend hours looking and searching for products we love, that we know our customers will love. We love to support local brands, fellow #girlbosses and labels that also think ethically about their products.

What is Shifiku’s mission for change?
Our #shifukuforchange encompasses a couple of aspects. We donate 10% of every subscription to our partners at Project Futures. Project Futures is a not-for-profit organisation with an objective is to stop human trafficking and slavery by empowering individuals to take action in their communities. Funds raised support victims and survivors in three key areas: prevention, support services and empowerment.

We chose Project Futures as it was a charity that really spoke to us and we had seen all the good things they do and wanted to help! We love to help a sister out, and this is exactly what these guys are doing.

#shifukuforchange also is just about changing the way we shop. It’s simple: get your monthly Shifuku delivery, discover new labels and brands, and then continue to purchase and support those brands!

What inspired this mission?
I think working out in remote indigenous communities really made us want to give back even more. We are registered nurses by day, so naturally we care and want to help people but we also love fashion! We wanted to combine the two passions and so Shifuku was born!

Where can we find you?
You can find out all about us and sign up for your subscription at

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