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Victorian based heavy metal band, Toxicon have released their debut album, Purge and have been busy touring the countryside and educating the ears of the willing. The five-piece includes: Wayne Clarris (vocals), Adam Esposti (guitar), Paul Jones (guitar), Jacob Maloney (bass) and Thomas Nunan (drums), and these minds have created a monster of an album that is complex in both its lyrical message and musical construction. TEO had a good chat to Wayne about all things Purge.

TEO: Your debut album is out, congratulations! Purge has been described as ‘ambitious’, can you tell us why that is?
Well, it’s actually our first release—we didn’t put out an EP or anything. We released a single, and then went straight into the album. And it’s a concept album on top of that. A lot of people told us not to do it because we’d fail, but we couldn’t help it! We didn’t plan to make it a concept album, the songs started to tie in together and we thought that if we’re ever going to do one, we may as well do it now. You know, throw our hands up and announce our arrival to the scene. It was ambitious, but we spent a lot of time working on it to make sure it was done properly.

The depth of work involved in concept albums is massive, how do you share the workload?
I write the lyrics and the storyline, and there were certain moments where we all sat around and said, ‘hey do you like this direction?’ But when it gets to the finer details it’s up to the song—you can only write so much in the direction you want to go and sometimes the song will take its own path and you just follow it and see it through.

What is the storyline of Purge?
[Laughs] no one really knows! It’s from the perspective of somebody receiving secret messages through radio transmissions, broadcast transmissions and through dreams. He’s getting a warning that something is coming and it’s not friendly; basically get ready because there’s an Armageddon. It’s like our unreligious take on the four horsemen but we’ve added a fifth one because there are five of us.

So the story is half getting the messages and half from one of the five harbingers that are sending the warning out. He doesn’t want to be a part of it anymore and he can’t stop, so he has to purge himself of his abilities, powers and basically become human to stop. That’s the whole concept of the album title, Purge.

Now that you’re touring your album, if you could play in any country or festival circuit, which would it be?
Oh, so hard! I’d love to go to America and play on one of those college circuits. But that being said, Europe has some mighty big metal festivals that would be awesome. I just want to do them all! Oh, and Slipknot’s Knotfest would be cool.

What have you got planned for the rest of the year?
A holiday! No, we are going to be taking a little bit of time to do some more writing—we’re already planning our next album and we’re really excited about that. It won’t be a concept album, just flat out songs. We’re not going to rush anything or do anything too crazy, but we want to start that writing now so we’ve got a lot to choose from.

But we are enjoying the tour cycle and promoting Purge, it’s a lot of fun on the road. We have a few more places to visit; we want to get over to Perth, Brisbane and Hobart as soon as possible. So it’s going to be a busy next 12 months.

Catch the guys at their last couple of shows:

Fri 9th Sep
Reverence Hotel 28 Napier St, Fitzroy $15.  7.30pm
Sat 10th Sep Barwon Club Hotel 509 Moorabool St, Geelong $15.  7.30pm

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