“If you live among wolves you have to act like a wolf.” Nikita Khrushchev

Sibling duo Ali and Scott are the smart and stylish brains behind Australian based online boutique, Luna Wolf Vintage. Together, they bring you a unique selection of vintage pieces sourced from around the world. Luna Wolf Vintage features denim for days, vintage band tees, and darling dresses, meaning you’re not just covered for festival wear but for every occasion. Stocking well-known brands including Levis and Harley Davidson, Luna Wolf Vintage is your one stop shop for nailing the ‘I’m a free-spirited traveler but still a bad-ass,’ trend. You won’t be short of a howling pack of wolves while rocking your Luna Wolf threads! TEO Magazine chats to Ali and Scott about starting their business, the importance of social media platforms and how you can join their expanding wolf pack.

TEO: Why did you decide to open an online vintage store? Was it difficult to start?
Ali: I have shopped at op shops and vintage stores for years but I never felt right wearing something that someone else had. I loved the unique feel of wearing vintage clothing. I started an Instagram shop in 2013 to clear out my wardrobe to save money for a year of travelling. While away, throughout America, Canada, Mexico, Central America and Europe I built up a collection of vintage pieces and when I returned home in late 2014, I had a lot of drive to further share my styling.

Scott: I had previous experience working with another Adelaide fashion brand with social media and web design. I was ready to jump in headfirst and start my own business and when Ali came home with the idea of selling a collection of clothes, I said, “lets make this serious!” We partnered up and started the online store. It wasn’t too difficult to set up, but growing our customer base and growing as a business has seen its road bumps. Once you get over them it is exciting to see the growth and where we are going.

The brand name is quite unique. How did you come up with it?
Ali: To be honest, I initially wanted to use ‘Lone Wolf Vintage’ to reflect my travels alone. That name wasn’t available and the next choice was ‘Luna Wolf Vintage’.

Scott: The wolf is a pack animal and has long been associated with the moon and the hunt. That is when we realised our brand’s vision. I’m pretty happy with the name we ended up with, for its uniqueness.

How do you source stock and what do you look for?
Scott: We recently formed a relationship with people in the U.S. who have sourced clothing for us over there. That’s where the best items come from.

Ali: I think it all started with certain brands and garments that I found in Los Angeles and New York. Once it became clear where to find these pieces, we connected with certain channels to get more and more so we could share it here in Australia. When we opened the store, I had handpicked the majority of the stock from Los Angeles and New York. We will be doing a sourcing trip over there ourselves in the near future.

How do you differentiate between genuine brands and copies?
Ali: We focus a lot on originals in particular brands, especially Harley Davidson and denim garments. But the majority of our purchase decisions rely on styling potential, which we consider extremely important in making sure our customers look and feel good. Copy brands exist a lot in the new market, but with vintage the originals always stand out – and that is what we search for so our customers don’t have to.

How important do you think social media is for an online business? How do you utilise it?
Scott: Social media is our main driver for our customer base. Instagram has been our best outlet for displaying our products, photo shoots and general vibe our brand encaptures. It has allowed us to network and collaborate with models and other likeminded brands. Facebook has proved useful at times with their targeted advertising.

Ali: Instagram is where I gather a lot of my inspiration so it was the obvious choice. I have worked out how to tap into the target markets and have met great people to collaborate with.

Online shopping has become hugely popular. Why do you think this is so many peoples’ preferred way to shop?
People feel comfortable in their own homes and in their own space. There is no pressure of sales assistants and other customers online. It has opened up a huge access point for new brands and boutiques from all over the world. It takes them direct to the customer’s doorstep. People love to try on clothing and that is where physical retailers win, but with online stores providing measurements and with great return policies, it makes the risk much lower.

Where to next for Luna Wolf Vintage?
It’s a secret. Watch this space! 😉

What makes you different from your competition?
Vintage stores may sell the same styles, but rarely the same products. It’s all about staying ahead of the game and that’s what we aim to do.

Where can we find you?
Join the Wolf Pack by signing up on the website to receive 10% off.

Facebook: facebook.com/lunawolfvintage
Instagram: instagram.com/lunawolfvintage
Website: lunawolfvintage.com

Words: Taylah Minchington
Photos: Run Into Flowers

TEO Magazine-Luna Wolf Vintage

TEO Magazine-Luna Wolf Vintage

TEO Magazine-Luna Wolf Vintage

TEO Magazine-Luna Wolf Vintage

TEO Magazine-Luna Wolf Vintage