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Tasmanian progressive-metal band, Scoparia, have released their new EP, The Idol’s Dream. After a changing lineup early on, the band have been playing gigs locally and on the mainland, supporting the likes of Infernal Outcry. TEO got to sit down and review the band’s 30-minute offering.

‘The Idol’s Dream’ is a track of epic proportions. It swings back and forth from the baseline, with a steady rock beat and growling vocals; it continues to a hopeful sounding breakdown with minimal drums that tell the story. The growling vocals through the main part of the song detract from the excellent arrangement—the savior of the track is the ending instrumental solo, bringing the story back to its beginning glory.

The second track, ‘Fog Of War’, starts misleadingly gentle. The haunting intro gives way quickly to the growling and iconic sound that is symbolic of Scoparia. The breakdown is gentle again, building slowly like a storm and returning to that iconic growl.

‘Pale Path’ is the third track on the EP, using the gentle vocals of Ben Ridgers to create a slower, melancholic track. The shortest recording of the four, it features more of the melodic skill behind the band and is more progressive.

‘Suppression’, the final track, opens impressively. Scoparia mix melody with metal very well, building the hype and bringing it back down to something softer. It swings between quiet ambience and thundering metal beautifully, slowing it all down for a grand conclusion.

Overall it is a very solid progressive offering from the band, showing great potential for further refinement. These recorded tracks would translate to an epic live performance for Scoparia—make sure you give them a solid listen.

Listen to The Idol’s Dream here.

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Hobart Music Blog-Hobart Music Magazine-Scoparia

Hobart Music Blog-Hobart Music Magazine-Scoparia