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Debut albums are where bands prove what they’re made of and Melbourne band, King have surely proven themselves to be an unfaltering metal entity. Reclaim The Darkness was written and recorded over an intense two years by Tony Forde (vocals), David Hill (guitar) and David Haley (drums); and the results speak for themselves.

King has created an epic fantasy landscape of sound that tells of dark, bleak battles, never ending winters and a world forged by the gods and walked by giants. The content is so well represented by the album artwork; a magnificent image of looming, desolate mountains, snow lining its fissures and set against a stormy sky. The dark lake reflects all that is above it: a perfect parallel.

The album opens with ‘Intro/Cold Winds’ creating a soundscape of howling wind and the crunch of footsteps, leading into layered melodies that are blackened by crushing heaviness. The entirety of the album flows with this theme, lyrics that speak of ancient landscapes.

Songs to really take note of are: ‘My Destination The Stars’, ‘Winter Sons’ and ‘Black North’. While all very different, they each have elements that snap your attention back to the music. ‘My Destination The Stars’ features Forde’s abrasive and raw vocals and once you hear the melodic guitar solo a dark, metal-fantasy feel is created. ‘Winter Sons’ has an almost orchestral undertone, which backs the thundering riffs and crushing drums. And in ‘Black North’ you hear snippets of extraordinary guitar playing between the thrashing riffs and deep growls before it bursts to the forefront and runs away with the song.

Reclaim The Darkness is uplifting, despite its crushing heaviness. The work that has gone into this album—the skills, the lyrics and the structure—is phenomenal. King has created an album that will have you thanking the dark heavens.

Rating: 8/10

Reclaim The Darkness is available on CD here.

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Melbourne Music Blog-Melbourne Music Magazine-Reclaim The Darkness